Coles is slashing prices on three of the most popular grocery items

The supermarket wars have reached another level after Coles and Woolworths successfully battled on the price of milk and bread.

The supermarket wars have reached another level after Coles and Woolworths successfully battled on the price of milk and bread. Now, Coles have fired another shot, revealing their new targets: rice, tissues and toothpaste.

They know you buy a lot of them and hope that with the cheaper price, you’ll buy even more.

Coles would not comment on the timing of its latest price cuts, which are part of its Every Day Value strategy launched in 2014, however retail analysts claim the price drops are an ongoing campaign to safeguard its customer base and convince shoppers to stay with Coles, reports The Age.

Coles is faring better than Woolworths in the supermarket wars at the moment – Woolies posted a $1 billion loss due to its Masters business, while Coles’ food and liquor sales jumped by 4.3 per cent in the six months to December 31.

When asked about whether they will match the price of Coles’ three big dry items, a spokesperson for Woolworths said the supermarket chain had regular discounts, including Oral-B and Sorbent, as part of its “Always campaign”.

According to retail analyst Brian Walker, Coles’ lower prices on dry items was all about reinforcing it has the lowest prices on everyday essentials and attracting new customers out of other supermarkets.

“Coles has cemented its position as the value player in grocery and the more volume they can do the more then can pass on discounts to customers,” Mr Walker told Fairfax.

Today we want to know: do you like to shop at Coles? Will these latest discounts make a difference to your shopping?

  1. I buy cheese at coles because woolies doesnt have it and they have a great cheese bar they cut it for me otherwise i shop at woolies

  2. I do all my shopping at Coles so this is great news. However it will not entice me to buy more of these items. I only ever buy what I need.

  3. Coles in Spring Hill Cranbourne North is Spotless and they have mind blowing Staff.

  4. Still use my local IGA when I can,but use all three others if it suits where I happen to be,which means I’m using one trip of petrol,not an extra for shopping.

    • Ionly live a mile from the main street so fuel really isnt an issue so I have the luxury of hunting the specials, a different store each trip and buy what I know they have that is suitable and the best price.

    • That is definitely the ideal Suzanne. When we downsize,that’s the position I’d like to be in,with everything around me within easy reach.

  5. Rarely eat rice, so toothpaste is the only one of these we go through quickly. A big box of tissues seems to last for months, unless the dreaded lurgie strikes. Can’t see me changing my shopping habits.

    • I’m the same Vivienne. I don’t use Milk or Bread,and I think if they changed the tissues and toothpaste to toilet paper,it might attract more people.

  6. Will still buy at both stores. Coles don’t stock the cheese we eat so we go to Woolworths to get it….of course we then purchase other items as well while we are there.

    • I have to go to both as well. I prefer the Coles selection of nuts but Woolies sells the yoghurt I like. Fortunately for me, they are both in the same mall.

  7. Do I shop at Coles? Yes

    Will these latest discounts make a difference to my shopping? No. B|

  8. Hi guys…I dont know about you but I set a budget on items and stick to it…never pay more than $1 for tissues or $2 for toothpaste…I like woolies tissues because the box matches my colour scheme…I buy in advance so when the last box is in use Im on the hunt again.Wish I could suppoer the IGA completely but with the cost of running a house on a single pension and keeping private health and my dignity its just a way of life.

  9. I’d be happier if the aisles were clear of all the crap they put in them. Some days you have to dodge and weave just to get down an aisle and now they are starting to block up the ends with products as well. In our country Coles you are lucky if you can actually get into the store around all the display stands they put in the entry. They are cheaper that Woolies but it can get very frustrating and I’ve noticed that our Woolies are starting to copy this trend.

    • Complain, I did and they moved some of them as you couldn’t get two trolleys down the aisle without stopping, I think they needed a give way sign 🙂🙂

    • I am going to do that, I actually took photo’s when I did the shopping last week to send to head office, the manager has been told before and he/she settles down for a while and then the display stands move back in again

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