Who gets a seat at your dream dinner party?

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, living or dead, whom would it be? This is usually

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, living or dead, whom would it be? This is usually a question that comes up in general banter at the dinner table, but always draws a diverse mix of responses.

The chosen dinner dates can fall into one of five categories:

  • Artists and performers
  • Religious and spiritual figures
  • Family or relatives
  • World leaders
  • Elite sports people and coaches

Usually decisions are based around some form of shared personal interest or involvement. For example, someone who has a keen interest in politics may have Malcolm Fraser for dinner, or a die had rugby league fan might have Wally Lewis. Other usual grounds also stem from curiosity to understand a particular era or to make sense of a certain figure’s life. Who is your ultimate dinner guest?

The most common answers typically include:

  • Jane Austen
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Stephen King
  • Kim Carey
  • Jesus
  • the Budda
  • Martin Luther
  • Grandparents
  • George Clooney
  • Hugh Jackman
  • John Howard
  • Sir Donald Bradman

So if you could have anyone in the world for dinner, whom would it be and why? 

  1. John Hunter  

    Queen Elizabeth because I have always liked and respected her. Susan Boyle and Andre Bocelli because they have both overcome their life’s difficulties. Joan Sutherland, because for me she was the most impressive soprano ever. Akhenaten, to pick his brain about religion. Cleopatra7, because she is a fascinating person. Homer, to find out how he got his stories of Troy. Plato, to talk about Atlantis. Alfred the Great, a very admirable King. Michelangelo, to talk about his inspiration for the statue of David. Leonidas, to talk about the Persian conflict with Greece.

    • Vanessa Major  

      Queen Elizabeth, WHAT a good choice!

  2. Orle Wilkie  

    Andre Aggasi,the late Chris mainwaring,constitino,Brendan Favola.

  3. Trish Foster  

    Sam Newman because he just oozes masculinity with a lot of devilment

  4. Vanessa Major  

    What a topic! John Lennon, Leonardo da Vinci, Sherlock Holmes (OK I know he was fictitious), Conan Doyle, David Attenborough, David Niven, Katherine Hepburn, Roger Moore, Richard Burton, Jimmy Stewart, Charles Dickens, Kathy Reichs…… – let’s go on all night! I will dream about .it

  5. Yvonne  

    I would first of all invite my Mum and Dad, as without them I wouldn’t be here today, and I love them so much. Sean Connery, because he just oozes sexiness and he is so handsome. My old boss in England, David, he again leaves me speechless, so handsome.

  6. josie brady  

    There would be only one guest I would wish to share dinner with, and that is my dearly loved husband, now deceased.

  7. Arlene  

    Mr Charlton Heston
    Col T.E. Lawrence
    Frida Kahlo
    Prof Brian Cox

    Should make for interesting conversation!

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