What’s the most annoying thing about the supermarket?

Whether it’s the constantly fluctuating price of items, the high shelves or the mad dash to bag your items at

Whether it’s the constantly fluctuating price of items, the high shelves or the mad dash to bag your items at the Aldi counter, there’s always something about grocery shopping that is utterly frustrating.

But alas, grocery shopping is something we all must do! Even with new online shopping methods and home delivery, many of us still visit the local supermarket to check out the specials and products for ourselves, comparing prices and picking up a few little extras along each aisle.

And of course, with self-serve checkouts can come a whole new level of frustration, with items double scanning, fruit and vegetable specials never calculating correctly and the need to wait for assistance at even the slightest error in the bagging area.

What do you think is the most annoying thing about the supermarket? Do you rate or hate the new shopping technology?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. Mary  

    The absence of a chair anywhere inside the shop if you need to sit down.
    I don’t know if any shop apart from Woolworths doesn’t honour their rainchecks. I think it is a contract and being fobbed off with a higher price than the agreed one plus a limit on the number ordered is unethical. We refuse to shop at Woolworths ever again.

  2. Judie Trease  

    I am vertically challenged, so reaching the top shelves is impossible. I have to wait for a tall person come along, then ask for their assistance. Very frustrating !!!!

    • Kathleen  

      I’m 5’9″ tall, & if I see an elderly, wheel-chaired, or ‘height challenged’ person wanting an item from a top shelf, I’ll always ask if they would like assistance.

      Easy for me to reach up, & it helps another person, so it’s a win-win for the both of us! Cheers!

  3. When the Sign at a Cash Register shows “12 Items or Less”, and Staff allow a customer there to put through many more items than that,it is very annoying. Also, when standing in line at a Check Out, and a Customer comes to the Cigarette Counter, and the Operator abandons the Cash Register, and serves the other Customer, it is also very annoying. I have a couple of interactions with Staff at Coles, at K Mart Plaza, Townsville, about both of these sorts of incidents. On both occasions, Staff told me it was “Law” that they did what they did. So I informed them what I thought of their Stupid Excuse. On both occasions, they went very sheepish. No doubt, this happens everywhere.

    • I had the 12 items thing happen to me just yesterday. I said to the person, “Hmm, you seem to have a lot more than 12 items here”. They just looked sheepish and said “oh, yes, sorry about that”. The checkout person of course said nothing. Very annoying.

  4. The piped music is very annoying. If you ask them to turn the volume down they refuse.
    We make a shopping list and won’t buy anything that’s not on the list, so we spend a minimum amount of time in these places.

  5. paul  

    no toilet facilities

    • K Waldegrave  

      There are accessible toilets at the supermarket I go to.(response to Paul)
      What annoys me is the amount of packaging I have to accept including those irritating bloody(used advisedly) meat trays. I’d rather have my meat in a paper bag or cloth wrapping which I bring to the shop.

  6. Heather A  

    People who take whole trolley loads through the self service checkout
    2 for $5, or $3.50 each – I don’t want two!
    Items I buy discontinued
    Cashiers who overfill my cloth bags, trying to stuff everything into one or two bags – why, when I have 6 bags?

  7. Rob Ozanne  

    Can’t stand self serve checkouts, don’t like doing people out of jobs. Throw them out ! Where are the union reps ?

  8. Customers who block the isle while they have their chat.

    Constant moving of stock to different isles and shelves.

    Doing away with stock and replaced with their own brand.

  9. Ever changing pricing. The supermarket in my town will change the price up to 3 times a week. Catalogue lines are marked up a day before catalogue ends. The disclaimer “Not available all stores or areas” is frustrating, especially if it is a large supermarket and up to 5 advertised lines aren’t available, or manager does not bother to order popular lines that are advertised. Surly staff. This bugs me no end. Having spent fifty years in retail, it frustrates me the rudeness of young staff today. Even some older staff are the same rude selves. Advertising something as a special and it is the normal price. Being ripped off pricewise, because they know that they can get away with it. Woolworths is the current example as they try to rebrand themselves.

  10. Gordon  

    Failure by Woolworths and Coles to adequately staff check-outs thereby pushing people to self-service.

    • Glen  

      If there isn’t a checkout open, I ask for one to be opened. I refuse to use self serve and do someone out of a job. Try it, the staff appreciate you trying to save their jobs.

  11. Susan Bell  

    The lighting and the music and ads

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