What is your favourite season?

Australians are pretty lucky when it comes to their seasonal weather. You can do practically anything here, at any time of year.

Australians are pretty lucky when it comes to their seasonal weather. You can do practically anything here, at any time of year. However, since Australia does experience a variety of climates due to its size.

Do you have a favourite season? Why do you enjoy it so much?

In summer it’s great to get outdoors and swim Sydney’s beaches, then come autumn it’s great to check out the fiery foliage in Canberra. When the cooler temperatures roll around in winter, it can be a nice break from the hot and humid summer days. In fact, people in the Northern Hemisphere are pretty envious of our ‘cold’ winters! That being said, you can play in the snow and ski the slopes or alternatively take a trip North for a winter sun holiday and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Then comes spring, which is a great time to watch for whales and experience the wineries of Western Australia. You really can do practically anything here all year round. So is it even possible to have a favourite season?

Plus, you could just go to Melbourne and experience all four seasons in one day!


  1. Aah Autumn! Cool nights, great for sleeping; just right temperatures of beautiful, sunny days with clear, blue skies and the glorious, vivid colours of the leaves. My favourite season in Victoria.

  2. I’m an autumn person. Cool crisp nights, sun during the day. Snuggling up near a fire.

  3. Jo McAllister  

    Autumn all the way. Beautiful days cool nights great for sleeping

  4. Dennis  

    I must agree with the previous posters. I LOVE Autumn. I now live in Darwin and sadly we dont have an Autumn.

  5. Barb  

    Must agree – autumn is my absolute favourite. Cooler nights, warm days – beautiful. And without the sudden changes of weather and windy days of spring that bring the pollens and allergies with them.

  6. Joan Marshall  

    Autumn is the best part of the year in Perth. My second son was born in Autumn so I always will associate him with a beautiful part of the year. Every Mother thinks her children are beautiful but my son took people’s breath away at his handsome face and lean body which he has to this day. My son to this day is complimented and chased by women.

  7. Rachel  

    Definitely autumn followed by winter. Don’t like spring as summer is just around the corner. Detest summer. Too hot in Perth.

  8. trisha  

    Living in Tasmania my favourite seasons is Spring. The flowering trees are amazing, new leaves everywhere,
    Bulbs flowering all over and of course fields of Tulips of every colour. Oh, I can’t wait.
    ps. Summer is lovely too with all the produce from our gardens.

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