Would you rather travel by plane, train or car?

Which mode of transport do you prefer – plane, train, or car? Years ago, travelling via train was very popular. In

Which mode of transport do you prefer – plane, train, or car?

Years ago, travelling via train was very popular.

In 1972, the British Transport Films even produced a film for the International Union of Railways to promote travelling by train as the smartest, safest, and cleanest way to get around Europe. The film, called Cybernetica, told a fictional story of how three women from different countries chose rail for their get-together in Paris.

And then came the budget airlines. In 1985, Ryanair was established and became Europe’s biggest low-cost carrier within the decade. That sparked the birth of other low cost carriers from Air Asia to Tiger Air, and soon, everyone started finding themselves up in the clouds.

Travelling by air became more affordable and people started choosing flights over driving for interstate travels.

But when aviation incidents happened more frequently starting 2013, more people have re-looked at the way they travel. Although research shows that the number of incidents have sharply declined since the 1980s, some have reverted to the good ol’ road trip by car or train, if they can help it.

Do you miss travelling by train? Watch this 70s film that will evoke some memories…

Which mode of transport is your top favourite?

  1. Travelling by train over long distances is the most enjoyable and relaxing way to go, sadly these days it is probably the more expensive option but if you are not in a hurry, then take the train…you will love it..

    • Thomas  

      Yes, we love to travel by train whenever we can. It’s fast, convenient and quite cheap. Here in Japan it is a calming experience even on the bullet trains (shinkansens) and no worries of annoying or rude people on any sort of train. Manners are used all the time – different to when we travel on the trains back in Australia with all the nasty, rude people trains seem to attract.

  2. Brian Lee  

    It HAS to be by air every time! It’s by far the safest way to get about the world, and it is comparatively cheap too. I guess the railways come a distant second for safety, with cars, (or any other form of road transport), coming last. Cars are the most dangerous steel boxes ever invented, but planes get all the bad publicity because when one of them crashes it gets big headlines due to the number of passengers they carry. But you only have to look at how many aircraft are in the air, twenty four hours a day, all of them arriving safely at their destinations apart from the occasional one going down, (maybe two or three times a year), to realise how high their safety record is. I recommend looking at flightradar24.com to get some idea of how many planes are up there right now!

  3. Elizabeth Gardner  

    I travel everywhere by car but I love train travel and would travel the world by train if possible.

  4. Joanne  

    Definitely by air.
    Then train, tour bus, & car, well & truly last!
    Won’t travel on local bus.

    Have done much train, & tour bus travel, here, & overseas, really enjoying that.

  5. Pauline De'Ath  

    None of these. If I could afford it and had plenty of time,cruising to my destination would be my pick. Train travel 2nd option but for the most part a plane trip is necessary to get to the country you want to travel in.

  6. Sandra tilley  

    By car and van that’s the best way

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