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There’s no doubt that Australian’s love to travel. For many of us we began our travel adventures at a young

There’s no doubt that Australian’s love to travel. For many of us we began our travel adventures at a young age locally and then eventually decided to travel overseas. How did you select your first overseas destination?

Air travel back then was very expensive so people would go abroad for extended periods of time. Plane rides were scary and boring. Once you got tired of looking out the window, you’d start staring at the seat ahead of you. There was no in-flight entertainment that we have nowadays. Instead, people drank to keep themselves entertained. In fact, many flights served free booze! Do you remember your first trip overseas? Where did you go?

As well, people used to dress up for flights. People would dress immaculately as if they were taking part in an airborne cocktail party. It was considered a special occasion to travel. However, this has definitely changed. We now live in an era of comfort over style. In the age of convenient, low-cost air travel, flying has gone from a special occasion to a simple means of transportation. Do you miss the days when dressing up for flights was normal and expected?

Australian’s are still known as avid travellers. This list reveals the latest favourite travel destinations to visit by Australians. Take a look at the list below. How many have you been to?

  1. Colombo, Sri Lanka
  2. Hyderabad, India
  3. San Francisco, USA
  4. Manchester, UK
  5. Hanoi, Vietnam
  6. Manila, Philippines
  7. Shanghai, China

Share your memories of overseas travel from your youth. Do you have fond memories of flying?

  1. London, England, following time in Bangkok, Khota Bahru, Penang and Kuala Lumpar (Malaysia) and Moscow

    This was all in 1977 and was fascinated by flying, which was still quite a novelty back then.

    I am from New Zealand, and had spent 2 years working in Sydney prior to the above trip from 1975 at Prince Henry hospital (wondeful hospital and city)

    Loved travelling ever since


  2. My first overseas trip was our honeymoon in 1974 to Bali. I was 29 and gobsmacked by the culture shock. It was an amazing place back then, so beautiful and so primitive. Kuta was not even on the map so to speak. Sanur was the only place with what we considered acceptable accomodation. Been back so many times since but a very different Bali these days. Yes, it wetted our appetite for travel and I am very happy that we are still finding new and beautiful places.

  3. Seven years ago at age 63, I was treated to a trip to Europe. We visited Amsterdam, Germany , Southern Spain, Malta, Lisbon & London. Our trip lasted 7 wks & included visits to friends, & a northern hemisphere Christmas. I wrote a diary of each day’s events & have fond memories of such an exciting time.

  4. Cynthia Murray  

    South Africa, thence overland to Morocco thence flew to UK, Europe and home via Hong Kong, away 9 months in total. Loved it all and fortunate to go back two years later, via America. Have visited UK 8 times, have been very fortunate and just love London, favourite City.

  5. Jo-Anne Hardacre  

    April 1975, our honeymoon,13 night P&O Cruise in the Sth Pacific.Nice time,just think…why get a ship with all those people and do what you can do on dry land at a beautiful resort!!🌴

  6. John  

    My first trip overseas was to New Zealand 1975 on our honeymoon the airport at Auckland was a tin shack but wow did both Islands what a beautiful country, hired a car and did B&B, still have a lot of slides stored away somewhere !!

  7. Peter Taggart  

    My first overseas trip was our annual summer holiday from Glasgow to my mothers home village in Donegal, Ireland. An overnight sailing on the cattleboat from the Broomielaw to Derry, then a public transport bus to Letterkenny, another public transport bus from Letterkenny to Dungloe, that John Dimmerics big green Consul car out to Marrameellan. Would have been around 1958 for the next 10 years….happy days.

  8. Jamaica for a quilting retreat in 2008
    . I turned 1week into 5 because I didn’t know you couldn’t fly directly to Jamaica so I had time in Miami before going there and then New York, Canada and a Caribbean cruise before coming home.

  9. Sherilyn Williams  

    First trip was from Toronto Canada on a Interior/Industrial Design Tour. Starting in Paris to Switzerland, Italy, Germany back to Paris. There were about 15 students we rented cars for the adventure. So, my first flight abroad was so amazing that I decided to go back every year…but just to Paris…I love Paris in the spring time and all the other seasons in the year!

  10. Our first overseas trip was to New Zealand in 1975. We had just found out that my wife was pregnant with our first child. Our trip was an organized bust trip of both islands. A very beautiful country indeed. We returned for our own driving holiday of both islands in2012. Since then we have been to the United Kingdom in 2013, and Canada in 2014. All wonderful retirement trips.

  11. Mary Couper  

    Fiji was my first overseas trip but not my first on a plane. It was in 1972 I think. So different to what I grew up with in New Zealand. Have travelled extensively since and am amazed at how far we have come in the last 40 years since my first nerve racking trip.

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