How old were you in 1970?

Do you remember what you were doing in 1970? So much happened in that year! The cost of living was

Do you remember what you were doing in 1970? So much happened in that year! The cost of living was so much cheaper but wages were also drastically lower, technology was yet to take over and we saw some very significant people visit Australia. The world population was only 3.63 billion with 12.51 million in Australia and the average life expectancy was 67.1 for males and 74.8 for females

Can you believe that a loaf of bread only cost 21 cents, sugar was 42 cents and tea (45g) cost 30c?! The cost of a stamp was just 5 cents. As well, the age pension rate for a single person was $806 while a couple received $1430 per annum.

Here are some of the key events, have a read and see what memories come flooding back!

The Beatles broke up and by the end of the year each member had released a solo album.


The floppy disk was introduced by IBM

160316_floppy disk

The Prime Minister was John Gorton

160316_John Gorton

Elizabeth II and other members of the royal family visited Australia

160316_Elizabeth II 1970

Via The Telegraph

Other key events of the year included:

  • Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix both died at the age of 27 due to drug-related incidents.
  • Pope Paul VI visited Australia
  • Baghdad Note won the Melbourne cup
  • The most popular baby names were Michelle and David.

What were your memories from 1970?


  1. Barbara Chapman  

    Arrived back in Australia after 3 years of travelling Europe and Britain. Landed in Darwin and had to work for 3 weeks to afford the fare to Adelaide where home was. Adventurous time

  2. Had a lovely job at the old Preservene Soap company as a Receptionist, also had a part time job on counter control at the Bowling Alley at the Southern Cross hotel in the city. Bought a brand new Mazda $2010 on the road and took off for a month with a girlfriend across the Nullabor to Perth. Then 300 miles of unmade road. I was 22 and had a ball.

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