How old were you in 1966?

Here are some interesting facts and events from the year 1966! What are your memories from the year? The world

Here are some interesting facts and events from the year 1966! What are your memories from the year?

The world population was 3.39 billion and Harold Holt took office as Australian Prime Minister on Australia Day after the retirement of Sir Robert Menzies. As well, the mysterious disappearance of the Beaumont Children from Glenelg captivated and frightened Australia.

This was also a big year for the Australian currency. The Australian Pound was formerly replaced by the Australian Dollar, with two dollars to a pound. Do you remember the Australian Pound?

In music, The Rolling Stones released their hit song ‘Paint It Black’, David Bowie releases his debut album ‘Can’t Help Thinking About Me’ and the Beach Boys released their hit album, ‘Pet Sounds’. What was your favourite track of the 1960s? Do you remember singing along to the Beach Boys?

The now iconic sci-fi franchise Star Trek debuted on television along with ‘Batman’ the television series.  The legendary film the ‘Sound of Music’ won the Best Picture award at the Academy Awards.

How old were you in 1966? What are your memories from the year? Share your memories with us in the comments below.

  1. david  

    yep was 16 my first year working for a wage and going to tec 1 day a wk

  2. Ros Westcott  

    I was 10 and I went to see the Sound of Music as a school excursion

  3. Lesley  

    Working hard for a great fueture on my god I had know idea what was a head for me my baby’s but what a great out come thank you God .

    • Granny Williams  


  4. David  

    I was 23 and started a new job. One of the best I ever had, worked there for about 10 years. the company was Red Anchor Tailoring Co. I worked at. H.M.A.S. Cerberus and managed there south Melbourne branch.

  5. Rosemary Price  

    I graduated from High School in 1966 and was married that year also! I started to college.

  6. Sheila mitchell  

    I was first married then just before my 21st and we were contemplating on coming to Australia as 10 pound poms which we eventually did in 1969 and I have never regretted it

  7. Chris Thomas  

    13 …. I remember the change to decimal currency and the incoming decimal system, best thing we ever did

  8. David Pearce  

    Feb 66. Decimal currency was in and I started high school the same week. Great times. No drugs. Times were good.

  9. Yvonne  

    I was turning 22. Decimal currency doubled our home loan ( the sound of it) the cost before DC was 4,600 pounds & it suddenly became $9,200. We moved into our finished house in April 1966. I was working at the local hospital in OR & by the end of the year I was pregnant with my first baby. As you can see it was a big year for us 😀

  10. Joan Marshall  

    In 1966 I was 21 single fit and full of hope in a new country. Loved the freedom, the space, the beauty ,the cleanliness of Perth. The currency has just changed from the pound to the dollar making it it so much easier. No drugs. People trusted each other a lot more than they do today. You could leave your home open nobody would take anything. Money was left out for the paper and milk nobody would touch it. You cannot do that today.

  11. regina townsend  

    I was 21 getting married in April..remember Sonny and Cher “I got you Babe” on the radio on my honeymoon on the way to Surfers Paradise towing a caravan from Albury in a brand new HD holden station wagon…the start of my adventure in LIFE

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