Have you ever had a bad travel experience?

Everyone says travel is the most amazing time but sometimes holidays can turn into nightmare trips. For instance, being locked

Everyone says travel is the most amazing time but sometimes holidays can turn into nightmare trips. For instance, being locked out of your hotel room in the middle of the night, getting a nasty travel bug or missing a flight. We all have had a bad travel experience. What was your worst holiday experience?

The Diamond Princess, an Australian cruise ship recently had 150 passengers sick with gastro. Passenger Stephen Dinale told The Sydney Morning Herald that he felt as if he had been on board the “voyage of the damned”, with people vomiting in pools and running down corridors covering their mouths.

Another traveller told a story about a bus breaking down while travelling down the steep and winding roads of the New Zealand mountains. The bus lost control for a petrifying few minutes before skidding to a stop on the edge of the cliff. After getting out and kissing the ground the passengers had to wait for hours in the snow for another bus to come.

These stories are entertaining to look back on but at the time can be a bit terrifying!

So tell us, have you ever been on a holiday when it didn’t go to plan? What happened?

  1. Yvonne  

    Yes my husband and I had a very bad experience in a Qantas flight from London back home to Melbourne. I would call it the flight from hell. The flight went fine from London to Dubai, but when we left Dubai we have a crew made up of elderly flight attendants, who were in the whole, very rude and unhelpful. The food was terrible and I am lactose intolerant and, at most meals they had nothing I could eat, or else it was just unedible. (By the way, I had ordered special meals when booking the flight.) We were also not allowed to open the window coverings, we had to use the lights instead. I have never heard of this, apart from when you are travelling over certain countries, but I knew this was not the case. I believe the crew just didn’t want the bother of passengers wanting things and they wanted everyone to sleep the whole way from Dubai to Melbourne. We hardly saw any of the crew for best part of that trip and to top it all, I had paid $50 extra to have a window seat. No reply was ever received from Qantas, to my complaint, so guess who I will never travel with again.!!!

  2. Jill Edmonds  

    On the day of 9/11, we were sitting on a plane in Vancouver, preparing to return home after our daughter’s wedding.
    The captain announced that there had been an issue in New York and that we would not be flying.
    Gradually the news filtered through of the terrorists’ attacks.
    Mid air planes were being redirected to the airport.
    It was bedlam.
    We managed to get a hotel room in the city and we sat there for 5 days not knowing what would happen next.
    We eventually teamed up with 4 other Aussie tourists and we drove for several days to LA to catch a flight home.
    It was a nightmare – trying to find the airport in the dark in a strange city.
    When we finally arrived – the airport was evacuated due to a bomb threat.
    We boarded the plane around 2am, having spent considerable time in the bar, trying to sooth our nerves.
    It was the first plane out and the the crew numbers were reduced as apparently Qantas could not recruit more due to their fear.
    The flight was a nightmare – one woman had a panic attack midway through the journey and of course, service was almost non – existent.
    When we touched down in Sydney, the passengers went wild with relief and delight!
    We headed to the bar to celebrate our relief at finally being home safely.
    A trip I will never forget!

  3. Mary  

    Part of our worst flight was at Melbourne/Tullamarine Airport. We had been there for a family event which turned into a disaster so when we were to leave we were frazzled and out of our depth with worry and grief. We had a rental car and extra luggage so my husband enquired about seating where he had to drop me off at Departures. I have difficulty standing for any length of time and I couldn’t move with all the luggage. He was assured that there were plenty of seats etc etc. He had difficulty returning the car and then in his confusion and stressed state searched for me at Arrivals. Of course, there weren’t any seats where he dropped me off and after an hour asked the only employee within range for help. (I think she may have been a pilot because she had a wings badge.) She was very abrupt but helped me move camp inside where she also assured me there were seats. Of course, there weren’t any so she suggested I could sit on the platform of the weighing machine, a few inches off the ground! If I had been able to get down there, there was no way I could have got up again. By this time, the tears were flowing and my poor husband turned up having had his own difficulties. Later we put in a complaint about being misinformed but nobody from Jetstar could have cared less. As a consequence I never want to fly anywhere again especially to Melbourne.

  4. Anne Jones  

    We lost a case on the way home from China last year It contained all the grandchildren’s gifts
    that was bad enough but the hell we went thru claiming insurance from QBE was 100 times worse.

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