Do you prefer reality television or dramas?

For most of us, there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch after a long day and settling in

For most of us, there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch after a long day and settling in to watch a great TV show.

Cup of tea in hand, and maybe cheeky piece of chocolate, we sit down to enjoy our favourites on the small screen.

Over the past decade we have seen a huge rise in the quality of television shows, particularly dramas, with Downton Abbey, A Place to Call Home, Call the Midwife, and Doc Martin all making a name for themselves as must-watch TV.

Viewers were enthralled with the Crawley family on Downton Abbey and watched for six seasons as they navigated their way through the early 20th century.

On the other hand, we have also seen a meteoritic rise in reality TV with shows like Big Brother and Australian Idol paving the way for dozens of spin offs and similar ideas.

Now there are entire channels dedicated to watching other people as they go about their every day lives or sing for a the chance to win a talent competition and score a record deal.

With so much to choose from, many viewers find they are either Team Reality or Team Drama.

Which side of the fence do you sit on?

  1. Garry Slattery  

    Anything BUT Reality shows

  2. Jan Hoskins  

    I can’t stand reality shows – prefer drama, historical, crime and Antiques

  3. Ruth Mike  

    No more reality shows and get rid of half the cooking shows

  4. Ian Head  

    thank god for abc iview reality shows god help me

    • pamela burt  

      Like Ian Head where would we be without the ABC Iview.Can,t stand cooking shows or those silly reality tv shows which aren,t reality at all.

  5. Agree with Ruth Mike – NO reality shows halve the cooking shows and I add NO MORE singing competitions

  6. Can’t stand reality shows. I’m a bit naughty and do like a couple of soaps 😱😱, Home and Away and Coronation Street. Just love any animal and nature documentarys.

  7. Stephen Doig  

    Reality TV is not even real, get rid off them all, cooking shows, put them in the kitchen bin, I didn’t even like Young talent time so give all music shows the axe, except for MASH all reruns should be binned, so what’s left, not much, take out all the adds for their own shows, all the demtel adds, and the terribly long so called news programmes, once again what’s left, the ABC or SBS, then its time for a DVD for a movie uninterrupted by adds.

  8. Judy Scarr  

    No ” reality ” shows! Sick of cooking shows. Drama, drama, & more drama. Employ our actors!!!

  9. janice champion  

    definately anything but reality shows. am sick of looking at cooking, dating and all of the other reality shows

  10. Gloria  

    Love Drama think reality shows is a insult to our intelligence.

  11. Margaret  

    Sick and tired of reality rubbish.

  12. I like a variety of programs, but with Sky, American detective stories, on Fox, over and over again, Dr John Manning • Healthpoint, the sale of one and the same antic coffee table, slicing of an onion, the duplication of Bill O’Mallie and other one sided, and I do not need to explain which side political interviews, then the stupid all American summer concert programmes, with adults asleep to what goes on in the real world, jumping and clapping to what them is music,. Give me good British humour any time. Oh and here in New Zealand, all that comes from the other side is 24 hours in the past already. But thanks for asking, I enjoy my laptop, if it was not for this beauty’s capablility I would not have been able to publish these here my thoughts!

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