Do you believe in the supernatural?

There are many mixed reviews on whether the supernatural exists. The term supernatural encompasses all unexplainable phenomenon, the definition being,

There are many mixed reviews on whether the supernatural exists. The term supernatural encompasses all unexplainable phenomenon, the definition being, “attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature”. This includes paranormal activity (likes ghosts and witches), psychics and magic.

Although some say it is childish and they don’t believe, many people have stories and first hand experiences of ghosts, the afterlife and unexplainable happenings. One of the most famous haunted towns in Australia is Picton, roughly 80kms southwest of Sydney. This town is said to crawling with ghosts, including some ladies who move shopkeepers’ signs. The maternity hospital is said to be haunted by ghostly cries of babies and an evil matron who tries to strangle patients in the night.

Picton is also famous for the children who haunt the cemetery, a young boy and a girl dressed in old fashioned clothes are said to disappear behind headstones and appear in photos of the ’empty’ area. Mushroom Tunnel is most famous, as an abandoned tunnel said to be haunted by the ghost of Emily Bollard, a woman who was killed by a train when she walked through the tunnel in 1916.

Although these are frightening thoughts, there are also tales of people who have been touched by ghosts of their past. Visits from their deceased loved ones, like mothers and fathers and even children who were taken before their time. The internet is full of stories of people who believe their loved ones try to contact them, through objects and signs that appear out of the blue. Recently there was the story of a mourning family at the funeral of a little boy who captured footage of a white balloon floating towards the crying mother. They believed this was the spirit of the seven-year-old letting them know he was OK.

Do you believe in the supernatural? Have you had any first hand experiences?

  1. Jeneane  

    Our Mum left us 11 years ago today. We always blamed her for hiding things we mislaid, and as we get older she seems to be visiting more and more often.
    She believed that her spirit lived on through her grandchildren and as she chose my eldest grandson’s birthday to leave on, I like to think she is their guardian angel.

  2. Tricia Roberts-Hay  

    While i do not consider myself a ‘Fanatic’ I have seen and felt too much to be a ‘Non believer’
    I have no fear of it!! On occasions, I welcome any contact!!

  3. Robert Green  

    It’s amazing how people will believe in all this claptrap and deny the existence of the one true God! I suppose if you acknowledge Him one suddenly becomes ultimately accountable for all their actions.

  4. Susan Bell  

    Check out the work of the amazing James Randi. He has had a million dollars on offer for decades. To win it you have to show your supernatural skills before a panel and under test standards. No one, not one person has been able to demonstrate supernatural powers.
    There are no ghosts, spirits, gods, fairies, not even rainbow unicorns with butterfly wings.
    And Robert, if you do not believe in gods of any kind then of course you have to set your own morality, discover your own philosophy of ethical behaviour, you know you are accountable for all your decisions. I think this is far better understood by atheists than by god botherers (from my own personal experience ) .

  5. Terri Rice  

    Absolutely – too many instances of proof not to. Not willing to give specific details because of ridicule from some of you on this site. However both my husband & I have heard & witnessed both visitations & lights coming on & off in our house, doors slamming when nobody is there. Most of these episodes happen when somebody has passed away – not here in Australia , but inEngland. Also many dreams of people who have passed away,coming through with messages.
    One thing for sure is the fact that we will all find out one day”….”………?!

  6. Frank  

    short story – I did meditation – could read people’s thoughts briefly thereafter – received a telepathic message from New York – confirmed by the sender – stuff like that – so I’m persuaded of that.

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