Barnarby says “we’ve won”

Barnaby Joyce has just finished telling Sky News that the Coalition has won the election. As the vote continues, and

Barnaby Joyce has just finished telling Sky News that the Coalition has won the election. As the vote continues, and the LNP looks likely to take 76 or 77 of the seats, the nation has remained on tenterhooks wondering. In his appearance, Mr Joyce has also taken a shot at Anthony Albanese urging him to nudge Bill Shorten out of the way with a smirk on his face.

“I don’t want to start pre-empting things or hypothesising, I’m very certain that we were going to win in Flynn because of the postals, because of the trend in the postals and the absentees and the way they are going – and we will also win in Capricornia,” said Mr Joyce live on air.


Joyce also had some fun advice for Anthony Albanese. He thinks Albo needs to game up and run for the leadership… no doubt trying to incite challenge within the Labor ranks.

“Listen to Paul Keating… You’ve gotta have the ticket old trout. If you’re gonna have a run for it Albo… Now’s the time to do it old boy! because otherwise you’re out of the game. So go for it Albo!

Do you think it’s a done deal… Are you happy with a coalition win?

  1. Brian Lee  

    I’m not happy, whoever eventually wins – they are all a pack of self seeking idiots, but I guess the coalition will be the best of a bad bunch. (God help us all!)

  2. Joyce is cunning, he want Albo to challenge, so as to cause unrest and division in the Labor party; then they can say oh look the Labor party is in chaos again!
    He is a rat, a snake in the grass.

    Bill Shorten did too good a job to be challenged; unlike Malcolm Turnbull.

    • Raeleen McGowan  

      My guess would never have been that

  3. rikda  

    Turnbull was the best leader with the worst policies & Shorten was the worst leader with the best policies.
    Apathetic Australia will always go for comics instead text.

  4. Nicky Connor  

    I don’t like either party. I voted for the independents and campaigned heavily for nick Xenophon. The liberal party didn’t come here to whyalla. We still don’t know what our future holds. Our houses are selling for a song.

  5. Anne Wolski  

    God help us is all I can say, especially for the battlers.

  6. Neta Williams  

    You very well may have won Mr Joyce but you do not have any respect or backing from me as you do not have the balls to stand up for the farmers and the elderly or the battlers. The only ones you are helping are the rich. Please God help us all.

  7. Like the barbers cat, plenty to say but no spine to get things done. I thought he was for the farmers, but just a puppet for the LNP

  8. Sandy Balfour  

    There is nothing worse than a bad winner. Don’t write the Labor party off yet – they are united – LNP are not. They will implode – take that to the bank!

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