Barbara Streisand’s hilarious takedown of Donald Trump

You may have heard her mocking him on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Or watched her talk about him in her

You may have heard her mocking him on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

Or watched her talk about him in her 60 minutes interview a few weeks ago.

But now Barbara Streisand has upped her anti-Donald Trump talk and the results are bound to make you laugh.

At an LGBT fundraiser, Babs performed a re-written version of her Broadway hit Send In The Clowns.

She opened the song with the lines:

“Is he that rich? Maybe he’s poor/Til he reveals his returns, who can be sure?”

“Who needs this clown?”

She refers to Trump as “this sad vulgar clown” and made references to his “fantasy walls”.

Other added lines included “something’s amiss, I don’t approve/If he was running the free world, where would we move? Maybe a town. Just who is this clown?”

The performance had fellow celebrities in fits of laughter, with actress Debra Messing filming the performance and posting it online for the world to see.

So how did Babs wrap the performance?

“This is no farce, maybe he’s broke/Is this the art of his deal or some awful joke?/You’ve got to admit, this silly halfwit, is so full of … shit,” she sang.

It’s been a big couple of weeks for Streisand, who just last week became the oldest person to have a number one album in Australia at age 74.

Her album Encore topped the ARIA chart last week – breaking her own record when she duets album Partners hit number one in 2014.

Encore is the singer’s 35th album.

Interestingly enough, David Bowie is the second oldest performer to top the Australian chart – just a few days after his death earlier this year.

What do you think of Babs takedown of Trump?

  1. Meryl  

    I don’t agree with anyone being bullied, even politicians. We’re trying to teach our children not to bully and these things don’t help.

    • Robyn  

      It’s not bullying, it satire, democracy in action. Would you advocate for tyrants and despots not to be challenged or ‘bullied’ ? Who knows what Trump will do if he wins. One thing is right in the lyrics, he is a vulgar man.

  2. Greg Hills  

    Donald Trump is a bully himself, and he is not a politician anyway. He is merely a thrice failed businessman, who craves the limelight.
    Why is it that the right wing, conservative element in The western world is quick to criticise anyone who criticises one of their own?
    Anyone not holding their views are all labelled left wing radicals, which of course, is very far from the truth.
    In Australia, Tony Abbott, Andrew Bolt and now Peta Credlin are the darling pin ups of the hard right movement. They can do wrong.

    • Barry Walker  

      Totally agree with everything you say here

  3. Lance Fishman  

    There is a real difference between bullying and satire.
    I taught my kids not to accept bullying but to respond with the thing that self-important egomaniacs detest the most, ridicule.
    We are lucky that we can express our disrespect openly to those in, or who seek power. Wouldn’t have happened in 1330s Germany or today’s Russia or Iran.

  4. Marsha J  

    You are not only bullying Trump, but i take offense to listening to you and all your Hollywood friends laughing at the “basket full of deplorable “comment” from Hillary. Oh yes that was real funny! I am an undecided independent, well I was until then. Oh, I by the way am a deplorable, no good low class citizen. How can anyone vote for a candidate that has these values and has supporters like you and your rich friends. I hope your wishes come true and you and your friends do leave the country.

  5. Russell Boucher  

    That should give the Trump supporters a leg up just doing this sort of thing will not help Hillary it will only jive the Trump more reason for solidarity and even people that are not to sure swing voters might just take it the wrong way and jump to the right and Trump, amusing yes BUT may have consequences,

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