Are we truly safe from a Paris-style attack? Why Australia could be different…

When a new terror attack rocks the world, it’s hard not to worry about your own personal safety at home

When a new terror attack rocks the world, it’s hard not to worry about your own personal safety at home – particularly if you happen to live in a crowded capital city. After all, that’s the genuinely terrifying part of it: it can happen anywhere, anytime.

But while last year’s horrific Sydney hostage crisis was a huge wake-up call to us all, those were the actions of one man. How likely would a larger, more coordinated effort be?

According to our Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan: not likely. At least nowhere near as much as the US and Europe,

Mr Keenan, as quoted by The New Daily, believes that the nature of Australian society makes a terror attack on that scale “unlikely”.

While he said security agents could not rule out a mass attack, there are three key factors that could make it harder:
1. Our strict gun laws
2. Our lack of borders
3. Our cultural diversity

“It would be very hard to get those sorts of weapons here in Australia because of our very robust gun laws,” he said.

It also helps that we can keep better track of who enters our country. “There’s a big challenge in Europe at the moment that we don’t have,” he said.

“There are significant movements, literally hundreds of thousands of people moving around Europe in an uncontrolled way.”

“We manage our diversity in Australia better than anywhere in the world and part of our process of going through and strengthening our anti-terror laws has been that reassurance to the Muslim community and working very closely with them,” he said.

Would our recent change of government affect national security? While Mr Keenan said Malcolm Turnbull had a very different style to Tony Abbott, the new government’s priorities are in the right place. He suggested that “both men express themselves differently, but the policy objectives remain the same”.

Do you agree with this? Is Australia truly safer with its gun laws and diversity? Do you personally feel safe?

  1. Distance makes us safer, Australia is a large Island , anyone who is coming here from somewhere like Syria has to fly many hours in the air to land here and kill themselves. It is far easier for a terrorist to bomb Europe. However always be alert to anything suspicious, be relaxed because the terrorists want us living in fear, don’t let them win

    • we could have home grown attacks from many cultures that are living here, it is a gamble but we have to rely on Asio and the Federal Police to monitor it, I refuse to live in fear of something that may never happen, if we do the terrorists have won without lifting a finger to do anything

    • Your 100% correct Libbi, ISIS have already done a good job of scarring a lot of people here to the point they can’t rationalise what is right or wrong anymore.

      • Claire Hancock  

        Libbi & Trish, you are right. A lot of the smear-campaign going on indiscriminately against ALL Muslims (rather than just the rabid ISIS murderers and the vulnerable & impressionable young that they radicalize) seems very like the propaganda and fear-mongering used by the Nazis to turn the German people against the Jews.

        Yes, there is a danger of further attacks in Australia by ISIS terrorists, but it is ludicrous to suggest that everyone of a particular religion is a murderer. That is just as irrational as saying that all Christians must be murderers because the IRA were Catholics.

    • The Govt is bringing 12 thousand Syrian refugees into Australia soon. There will be radicals amongst them.

      • Val  

        As Mr Turnbull said the refugees will be well screened and does Mr Abbotts decision still stand ? Only take in refugees that are Christians.

    • Jennie, I don’t vote Liberal, but I am a realist, if this Government brings these people in without properly screening them, and there is an attack, what chance do you think the Liberals will have of being in Government again for a very long time? I am assuming that their own self preservation will ensure that this Liberal Government will screen anyone properly who comes here

    • ISIS certainly wants you to think there will be radicals among the refugees, but the reality is that radicals don’t have to wait in a queue of refugees. They have the resources to come independently.

    • You are right Libbi, these nutters could come from overseas or been home grown, but we will not let them win here or overseas, evil will never win no matter where

    • Well said Rob, ISIS seem to be claiming more victims everyday by the comments I read on here!

    • Every day of the week we have planes landing here and people coming here on visa’s, the boats may be stopped but these are coming here anyway and just stay here when their visa’s run out at least the refugees will be properly screened

    • Anything is possible Alan, but with these new Terrorism laws hopefully our chances of a major attack will be lessened, I am not going to worry about what might be, I am going to stay alert and question anything unusual and just go about living my life

    • I have always felt safe in this beautiful country, recent events have not changed my way of thinking. I would much rather we are an example of peace and harmony. Let’s show the rest of the world how it’s done.

    • Alan if we let fear control us, we will miss out on all the good things life has to offer, I for one WON’T let fear control my life.

    • Well said. I intend to continue my life as normal, accepting people for who they are. Respect goes both ways. Health and finances willing I will continue to travel and experience all other cultures have to offer. I will just be more aware and vigilant. I will not ever give in to these thugs!

  2. ANY country…..that has even just one moslem……is open to be attacked……

  3. I just go about my day, if I spent my whole time worrying about what may never be, my life will fritter away living in fear

  4. One time I’m glad Tassie has been left off the map; my home state.

    • Sorry Grant, our system got a bit aggressive in cropping that image. For what it’s worth, we adore Tassie – we were just talking the other day about how we’d much rather move and run the site from there if we could! 🙂

  5. Of course we are not safe, they are probably already here having come by boat when they were letting them all in, don’t get complacent

  6. What about these terrorists we have living in our country, punching Police horses, carry knives and tasers and one even had a flare and mercury for bomb making ?

    • I think the people you are talking about are the lefties demonstrating against the the reclaim Australia bunch,they are the ones who turn to violence to get their message across

    • That’s crap, it’s the left wankers that come along just to stir everyone’s emotions.

    • Nita Crompton
      I have seen many a video on FB to support my assumption,it’s the lefties that spark the violence with their protests,acting like children with their bigoted attitude not allowing anyone else to express an opinion,they even think Islam is a race,they old be better off going and get a job and contribute to society,just as a matter of fact Australia is not a racist country and if you are fortunate enough to travel around the world you could gain a knowledge of true racism,start in some of the Islamic countries,scream and carry on there like they do and they would lose their heads

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