After 70 years you’d think he would remember this date… think again

If you’re holding out hope that one day your husband will remember your wedding anniversary without being prompted, spare a

If you’re holding out hope that one day your husband will remember your wedding anniversary without being prompted, spare a thought for Norma Murdoch.

Mrs Murdoch received cards from her local mayor, plus letters from the Prime Minister, the Governor-General, even the Queen, to celebrate her platinum wedding anniversary – yet still her forgetful beloved forgot.

Norma and Ray Murdoch were married in January 1946, making this their 70th anniversary. Pretty memorable, right? But even still, the 92-year-old husband, who gets full marks for mental acuity, had a brain-snap when it came to remembering that today was the day. And apparently it’s not the first time it’s happened.

“He forgets things from time to time but he’s a funny man,” Norma told the Gold Coast Bulletin, showing that a little forgiveness in a marriage goes a really, really long way.

The couple says the secret to their long marriage is simple: “Talk things out and never go to bed without giving each other a kiss.”

Ray adds, “Never raise your voice and say something you’ll regret because that’s where your troubles start. We’ve never really argued — we listen to each other’s point of view and decided which way to go about it.”

Have your or your beloved ever forgotten your anniversary? Do you think you’d get this one right?

  1. We’ve been married for 32 years and not a single year has my husband remembered the date, haha doesn’t bother me! He’s still here that’s all that matters!

  2. Anonymous  

    Ours is on his birthday

  3. I only remember the date as it is in my calendar, the other half sometimes does and just as often doesn’t.

  4. My hubby is terrible with dates! I remind him of our anniversary every year! He know what date it is but rarely knows what day it is !!lol

  5. A couple of years ago both my husband and I forgot our wedding anniversary. Remembered it about 4 days later. We had a good laugh.

  6. We’ve been married 50 years, 1 month, 2 days.
    My husband delights in telling me a few times a week how many days we’ve been married. Today he informed me it was 18,295 days!

  7. Her who has made Google redundant used to marvel at my excellent memory. Never missed an anniversary, birthday etc. I had a lovely mother in law who gave me the heads up every year at least a week before the dates came due. She was a sweetie.

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