A beach holiday isn’t relaxing if you dislike your body

As the Easter break approaches, many Australians will be planning some fun in the sun. However, for over 60’s who

As the Easter break approaches, many Australians will be planning some fun in the sun. However, for over 60’s who are uncomfortable with their body, beach holidays can be fraught with anxiety.

Starts At 60 has noticed that many readers feel worried about the idea of wearing swimwear. In fact, we’ve received a lot of comments about the topic and would like to explore this more today.

“I have been sitting on the beach (alone before,) until someone reminded me that the beach is for everyone”, one SASer wrote. “I always panic when it comes time to go out”, she added.

Whilst another SASer commented that even older, plus-size bikini models do not “look like me”. She suggested “a large sack” would be her preferred beach-wear.

“All (those models) have lovely, well-proportioned figures so of course they look nice in bathers. It’s quite a different matter for many of us when we try to find a nice fit”, the SASer explained.

Another SASer even detailed the lengths she goes to, hiding her body. “I cover the top, then cover the tummy, but the legs are cut too high and the suit gapes”, she said.

These variety of concerns definitely make enjoying the beach difficult, because swimwear draws attention to our personal insecurities.

Fortunately, psychologists like Dr Emily Roberts have recommended some simple confidence-boosting tips. Firstly, embrace the notion that ‘size doesn’t matter’.

“You are the only one looking at your perceived flaws”, Dr Roberts said. “Other people are noticing how much fun you are having, your attitude, and your personality”.

She also recommends turning your attitude into gratitude. “Instead of hating your legs, be thankful you actually have strong legs to support you, because some people don’t”, Dr Roberts explained.

“Quit comparing. No two bodies are the same, we are all unique”, Dr Roberts said. “Comparing your body with others is a lost cause because everyone is different”.

Dr Roberts also agreed that ‘the beach is a place for everyone’. “Why are you here? Sounds like a pretty deep question for (swimwear) but the truth is, you are more than your body”, she said.

As one SASer piped up, “Lovely ladies, go buy a swimsuit you like. To hell with anyone else. You like it, you feel good, go wear it!!!”

Do you feel confident at the beach, or do you avoid swimwear? What tips would you offer someone who feels insecure about their body?

  1. Finding a decent swimsuit is pretty difficult if you a larger size woman. Instead of something specifically designed for the larger woman too often they are just broadened copies of those designed for a young glamorous figure.

    • I am also a bigger size & went on-line to research swimwear for my shape. There are some very good sites that show what’s right for you. I ended up purchasing from the Gold Coast & a swim dress is ideal for me & good to swim in as well. Good luck.

  2. You truly have to change your mindset not your swimsuit . We ladies are so tough on ourselves .

  3. I don’t like my body in a swimsuit, so I now wear a pair of light wait long shorts over the swimsuit even in the water, I’m happy that’s the main thing and it doesn’t look too bad, who the hell cares what other people think as long as I’m happy

  4. Be happy with what you have just because we get older we are still the same person that we have always been,these young ones will get to our age one day and think the same.

  5. Remember that you are still with us, to hell with worrying about your body, be glad that it still works. Snide comments from people only reflect on them not you. Sure they hurt, but just imagine them in fifty years time, naked! Works every time.

  6. I wear a long sleeve rash vest and swim shorts to protect myself from the sun so I just enjoy my swim. I don’t see many perfect bodies on the beach just people having a great time no matter what their shape

  7. Finding a swimsuit isn’t easy. I like the blouson style but they are hard to find. I can’t wear a one piece because my top is bigger than my bottom so it doesn’t fit. Luckily I found a company online that make a blouson with a bit of room so I can still have a swim!

    • Yes but often the top is very fitting – not suited to my apple shape figure. The blouson style is not so fitting.

  8. Well if going to the beach is not a relaxing holiday go somewhere else. No point in getting into a fizz and being all uptight when on holiday…sort of defeats the purpose of being on a holiday.

  9. Good heavens, I would hope most would learn to love their bodies by this age. Proud of all its scars, bulges and imperfections.

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