4 easy ways you can fluff up your pillows

If you love a nice fluffy pillow to rest your head on at the end of a long day, then you’ll understand the frustration of lumpy, out of shape pillows.

Did you know you can actually fluff your pillows up?

That’s right, before you toss out your lumpy pillow – there could be a way you can salvage it.

Not only will fluffy pillows help you sleep better, they also sit and look far better on your bed.

Here are four easy ways you can fluff up your pillows.

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1. Punching, shaking or squeezing them

One of the easiest ways you can fluff up your pillows is by hand. There are a number of ways you can use your hands to fluff up a pillow. Try grabbing an end of the pillow in each hand, pushing the ends in and out like you’re playing an accordion. The key is to do it fast and firm. Another way you can fluff up pillows by hand is to punch them. Simply punch both sides with your fist to even out any lumps. Then there’s the method of shaking your pillows like you would a blanket. Or, you can squeeze them. Simply, hold the pillow at the top and bottom and squeeze inwards. Do it five times, shake the pillow and put it back on your bed.



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2. Wash them

Washing your pillows twice a year can help keep them in shape. Just make sure you read the washing instructions on your pillow before you do. Washing your pillows will wash away any dirt or mildew that could be causing your pillows to become lumpy or clumpy.


3. Drying them with tennis balls

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You’ve probably heard that putting your pillows in the dryer will help fluff them up. Well, adding a tennis ball to the dryers with them will fluff them up even more. Try putting the tennis ball in a sock, tying the sock at the end. This is a great method if you’re not able to fluff your pillows up by hand or you’ve just washed them.


4. Putting them in the sun

Moisture is one of the biggest causes of pillows becoming lumpy or flat. By putting your pillow out in the sun, you can dry any lingering moisture. Try hanging your pillows on the clothes line for three or four hours in the sun. This is another great method to use if you’ve washed your pillows and don’t own a clothes dryer.


Have you tried any of these pillow fluffing tips before? How often do you replace your pillows?