5 Reasons why books make the best gifts

Oct 12, 2021
Get some inspiration for Christmas gifts for your grandkids. Source: Getty

As we edge closer to the silly season, now is the time to start thinking about presents to buy for all the people in your life. Friends, family, neighbours, and maybe the secret Santa you somehow got wrangled into, you may have a long list of people to buy for. All that gifting can be stressful. In a bid to alleviate the stress, we have the perfect solution to meet the needs of pretty much everyone on your list…books! Here are five reasons why books make the best gifts.

  1. So easy to wrap

Have you ever tried to wrap a hula hoop? Notwithstanding the exorbitant amount of wrapping paper needed to cover the thing, it can take a long time, a great deal of patience, and potentially a glass (or two) of wine to calm the nerves. There’s a reason shopping centres have pop up gift-wrapping stations, it can be awfully tricky. The most experienced gift wrapper will tell you, the neat, clean edges on any book are a dream to wrap. Even if you’re a novice, any sized book can be wrapped without sacrificing a forest of trees. Australian Heroines of World War I is an original account of eight women told through diary entries, letters, photos, paintings and maps. An absolute page-turner that is difficult to put down, the perfectly straight edges of this book make wrapping absolutely flawless.

Blue book
Australian Heroines of World War One by Susanna De Vries, $27.99 (down from $34.99)

2. Postage is a breeze

Once you have beautifully wrapped your book, you can send it anywhere in the world knowing it won’t break, melt, spontaneously combust, or leak through the packaging. A gifted book is good, clean, wholesome fun. No special packaging required, no bubble wrap needed, and certainly, no fancy boxes are called for to get a book delivered to a loved one. The lighter the book, the cheaper the postage. We recommend Outback Songs. A delightful little book filled with songs plucked straight from the Aussie bush. 

Pink book
Outback Songs by Norah Kersh, $17.59 (down from $21.99)

3.  An endless world of variety

No matter who you’re buying for, you’re guaranteed to find a book to suit their taste. Unlike clothing, books go with every single size, age, and walk of life. There will always be that one person on your gift list that is near impossible to buy for. Like your distant relative with a love of nostalgia that grew up in a bark hut in Northern Queensland, dodging bindis in the blistering heat… check out this doozy.

Book with sky background
Barefoot through the Bindies by Marion Houldsworth, $23.99 (down from $29.99)

4.  Gifting under budget

Everything about this time of year can be pricey. By the time you have decked the halls with Christmas cheer, paid for the ham, stocked up the liquor cabinet and forked out hundreds of dollars on elaborate gifts for the grandkids, you really don’t want to be spending a whole lot of money on your Kris Kringle gift. Then there are those acquaintances who are close enough to be buying a gift for, but not so close that you’re prepared to go all out. Pam Van Der Kooy perfectly captures the nostalgia of life in the golden years in her delightful book, Stuff We Had in the 50’s and 60’s. Coming in at under $20, you can keep within your budget and still manage a thoughtful gift to really make someone feel special.

Yellow book
Stuff We Had in the 50s and 60s by Pam Van Der Kooy, $19.99 (down from $24.99)

5. The ultimate escapism

A book is more than sheets of paper bound together. When executed well, a book can be a door into an imaginarium filled with fantasy and can transport you away from reality. For any child in your life with a vivid imagination, What would you be? is an extraordinary book of poems and stunning illustrations. The beautifully written prose allows a young mind to be transported to a world of insects and animals and imagine what life would be like as a multi-legged creature.

Colourful book
What Would You Be? by Gai Maraun, $15.99 (down from $19.99)

What was the best book you received as a gift?

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