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When we embark on a journey of weight loss it’s more often than not something of self improvement. We do it while we’re in a positive mindset and we do it to it with happiness as we look towards a goal.

But one expert believes that instead of focussing on the positive and happy environment that stimulates us to self improve, we should be “fat-shamed” as we try to lose weight. According to the Daily Mail, Steve Miller believes that fat shaming isn’t bullying someone and it is instead incentivising weight loss.

Fat shaming is something we teach our children not to do. Our grandkids could easily turn around and tell us that talking about other peoples’ weight isn’t nice and it is actually bullying. So why would it be appropriate now?

The Daily Mail reports that Steve uses what he calls “Constructive fat shaming” as part of his approach. He claims people have to accept that they are in fact, fat, to be able to improve themselves.

I don’t know how I feel about this system so what do you think?

Would fat shaming help you lose weight or stop you from losing weight? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. Make Weight Loss Simple & Easier:

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    • Having looked at your link, I have to say you are not helping yourself or other readers by promoting faulty ideas about nutrition and how the human body works. The childish calories-in-calories-out theory simply doesn’t hold water.

  2. As a woman trying to lose weight, “fat-shaming” would further add to my lack of self-esteem. Over-weight people already realise that is what they are!

  3. No, no no. I too am trying to lose weight and am encouraged by the positive things said to me. I have just been counting calories and find I need to eat more than I was. It’s fun and easy and I am losing about half a kilo a week so far. Hang in there girls.

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  4. Ridiculous idea. Self esteem is so import for all.
    We should all learn to love our own bodies.
    Weight loss is a choice and a health issue. Not just about how we look to the rest of the world.
    There are many reasons why some people gain weight.

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    • Totally agree. And Jeff (or others who would probably”shame” women they think get fat from overindulging), these are the reasons I put on weight:
      1. Family history of large size (German heritage)
      2. Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism (slows the metabolism)
      3. Diabetes (also genetic, got it when I was slim)
      4. Slow metabolism, medically proven
      5. People who shame “fat” people and ruin their self-esteem and motivation.

  5. If anything people should be “over exuberant ” in praising the person about how good they look since starting their weight loss programme .. Positivity has always got to be better than negativity

  6. Been fat shamed for many years.
    Hasn’t helped one bit.

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    • I hate being obese. The more fat shame I receive the more depressed and worthless I feel the more cream cakes and chocolate I eat. I get fat shamed every day of my life…

    • I’m sorry to hear your comments and how people have made you feel. Try and be positive and a little selfish if you like. Tell yourself I’m going to try and loose some weight, get help if possible . But do it for you, and to hell with all these judgemental people. Good luck

    • Molly, I know you’re well intentioned, but it’s all just blah blah blah to me. Getting help, . . . . Just makes it all so much worse. Been there, done that, and that, and that and everything else.

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