Your environment is hurting your weight loss

Isn’t it always the way. You bust your butt working out, watching what you eat and drink, but you’re still finding it a struggle to lose weight while others just do it naturally. How unfair. Where there would be some environmental factors that could be working against you.

Where you live
Many environmental factors that could be hindering your weight loss. One of the main contributors is where you live. If you live closer to a big city, it could be the smog. Studies have shown that those that live closer to concentrated air pollution are less likely to work out as the air makes them wheeze more and can be a deterrent.

Some other studies have pointed out that people that live in higher altitudes also seem to be naturally thinner. The theories behind it are that your body has to work harder thus burns more calories.

How many trees can you see? Some experts have pointed out that if you live in the country or a more rural suburb than you are more likely to be active outside more than city dwellers. There are a lot more activities to do outside when you live in the country, and if you reside close to hiking trails, it’s nicer to take the dog for a walk there than to a dog park.

Cheaper food is usually full of more processed sugars and fats. So if your budget is tight, you might be forced to buy more affordable products that will fill your stomach but could also be fighting against your weight loss.

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Pesticides on your food is another factor. While they are perfect for helping the plants grow studies have shown that they may act as “endocrine disruptors” which will run havoc on your metabolism.

Colder temperatures are better for your metabolism. If you keep your home at a constant warm level, it could be slowing your metabolism down. Experts say that this can be counteracted by an cold shower occasionally to shock the metabolism into working hard again.

So the next time you find yourself being hard on yourself for a slower weight loss, you might want to cut yourself a little slack as it could be some outside factors working against you.