You can be a hero to someone fighting cancer

Cancer is something that can strike anyone at any time.  Today we had the horrible news that singer Michael Buble’s son Noah is suffering from a  form of the illness and countless others are already dealing with it themselves or by assisting loved ones through the struggle.  If you know, someone battling cancer here are some tips on how you can do your part to help out.  They may not be asking for help but be sure to offer it.

Five practical ways to help a friend with cancer

Help with shopping. Something as small as shopping can be so stressful when you’re drained, tired and unwell. Don’t only volunteer to do the shopping, offer to take them. Sometimes a day out doing something they would do regardless of illness is all they need to be happy so always give them the option. Help them with grocery shopping and special occasion shopping.

Drive them to appointments. The medical appointments begin to stack up as anyone who has lived with cancer will know. If you’re alone, this can be one of the hardest parts of dealing with everything, is not having the human support at the most difficult times. Take them for lunch or coffee after appointments too, and it might brighten their outlook.

Call a few times a week and just check up on them. Patients can suffer from isolation and sadness by not having anyone to talk to about their fears and feelings. Let them know you are there for them, and they’ll feel more comfortable and more supported.

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Assist with household duties. Help them out with things like managing their mail, their bills, their appointments and their calendar. Just offering to do tasks like posting letters, setting them up with online bill payments or driving them to events you are both attending can be a huge help. Even offering to do the vacuuming or clean the bathroom and changing sheets can be a help to those who are feeling weak.

Help to keep the fun in their life. Take them to the movies and out to dinner if it makes them happy. Keep doing the little things that uplift them and help to maintain the feeling of “normal” through their life.

How have you helped your friends and family when they were struggling? Or, if you have battled cancer before, what were the most helpful things done for you?