You are the toughest generation and a new study proves it.

It has been said about the generation for a long time but now science has proven that you are the toughest generation.

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A recent study has found that those over 65 have an undefined coping mechanism that means that even if you have some medial ailments that you are more likely to be able to “get on” with life than let it worry you.

Not only are you more able to adapt to any medical issue that is thrown your way but the research also showed that this resolve also means that you live longer. Even in cases that had higher disease levels, 55 percent of those that participated in the study lived active and happy lives.

While you already knew that your generation is one of the toughest you can prove it with science.

Is this study just telling you something that you already know? Do you feel there is a cultural difference between generations that might effect this?