Women, eat your greens and get moving!

Historically, we’ve always been lucky as women in terms of our health. We’ve had less busy and strenuous lives, we haven’t dealt with severe stress and we’ve had a lot of leisure time. This meant that for years we were enjoying good health far longer than the men we were with. But not any more!

The fact that women have careers, deal with stress, education, children and parenting has seen us do more than ever before. And according to the Daily Mail, this also means that we’ve been surpassed by men as now they are living healthier, for longer.

The research has come out of England’s Annual Population Survey run by the Office for National Statistics, which collects data on 320,000 people every year.

Experts say these changes are as partially as a result of the major economic, industrial and family upheavals of the past 50 years. Men are likely to live longer now because few work in dangerous industrial jobs like coal mining, and fewer drink heavily or smoke.

Women, however, are increasingly likely to spend much of their lives in demanding jobs, as well as bringing up children.

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So if this is the case, is 60 to late to focus on our health for those women who’ve done it all?

Not at all! But the secrets to longevity lie in keeping body and mind active. Keep your brain stimulated by talking to people through regular social catch ups. Keep your body moving by getting regular exercise each day and make sure you’re eating the right foods in a balanced diet.

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Tell us, do you feel healthy?