Why doing something good is good for you

Some people perform random acts of kindness for notoriety, recognition and power, but there are others who do things purely because they have a good heart.

Take Cameron Miskovsky and Heidi Erkkila, who recently decided to have their wedding in the middle of outback Australia all in an effort to help an outback town struggling with drought.

The couple wed in Hughenden, which is locatedin the north-west of Queensland more than 1,400km from the state’s capital, Brisbane. It has a population of roughly 1,000 people. The town is halfway between the couple’s respective home towns — Mount Isa and Townsville.

The couple was keen to help the local economy and their wedding injected much needed funds into a number of local businesses. It left the town buzzing.

Doing something good, especially for someone else, makes you feel good and it also good for your health. In fact several studies have shown that good deeds and volunteer work has a way of improving your mental function, physical abilities, strength, and reducing stress.

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When Starts at 60 asked its community about the ways in which it volunteers, the responses were many and highlighted how diverse and how involved some of you have been over the years.

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But kindness does not have to be through an organised group and nor does it have to be a grand gesture. It could be something as simple as taking the neighbour’s dog for a walk or helping the next homeless person you see by offering them a cup of coffee.

If you are looking for ways to get inspired, there are 10 random acts of kindness you can do on a regular basis that can improve your self-esteem, give you a sense of belonging, increase your happiness and reduce your risk of developing illnesses like depression and anxiety.

  1. Send someone a handwritten letter or card
  2. Call or e-mail a company to inform them of great customer service
  3. Make a care package for a farmer struggling in the drought or a deployed service member
  4. Donate blood
  5. Let someone else go in front of you in line
  6. Do a favour for a family member of neighbour
  7. Pay someone a compliment
  8. Open a door for someone
  9. Surprise someone you haven’t seen in a while with a phone call or a visit
  10. Offer to water your neighbour’s garden if they are going away.

Are you a regular volunteer? What are some of the ways in which volunteering has inspired you?