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Have you ever wondered why there is an increase in the number of Alzheimer’s disease cases being diagnosed? Why is it happening? How is it happening? What is causing the increase?

There is certainly enough research going on around the world in the search for a cure or a magic pill. And many of us have been hoping for years that a cure would have been found. I was hoping they would have found a cure in 1996 when my mother had Alzheimer’s disease. She passed away in 2000. It’s now 2015. How many people’s hopes and lives have been shattered and broken over those years.

Did you know that one of the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease is memory problems?

If memory problems are one of the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, then we need to find out what is causing these memory problems in the first place. There always has to be a cause – it just does not happen on its own. So, if you have noticed that your memory is slipping a little bit here and there, don’t ignore it or pretend it is not happening. This is the time when you should be very aware and start to do something about it.

There may be a number of reasons why it is increasing. Here is one example of why there is an increase in Alzheimer’s disease.

Let’s look at one section of the community, the 60 years and over age group. There is not a day goes by without someone having a fall. So why are falls of any interest or importance and what has it got to do with the increase in Alzheimer’s disease?

One extremely interesting fact I have found in my research, is that the majority of falls are all on the same level due to slipping, tripping or stumbling – and they are the most common cause of hospitalised injury.

According to studies, about one third of fall injury cases resulted in injuries to the hip and thigh and the majority of these were hip fractures. After a hip fracture, surgery is usually required.

Have you ever heard of Post Operative Cognitive Dysfunction or POCD?

Post Operative Cognitive Dysfunction is “Memory loss after anaesthesia” and is a common adverse event after surgery. I believe not many people are aware of POCD, but it is a well known condition in the medical world.

Many studies have been conducted on this type of memory loss, one of which reports:

“The incidence of POCD in the first week after surgery is 23% in patients between 60 and 69 years of age and 29% in patients older than 70. Cognitive dysfunction was still present in 14% of patients over 70 at three months after surgery”.

Experts say the mass study supported findings from previous research, linking POCD with the development of plaques that cause Alzheimer’s disease.

With the amount of falls that are occurring, and the connection with Post Operative Cognitive Dysfunction, do you think that this may be one reason why Alzheimer’s disease is increasing?

This is food for thought, and I’ll let you decide for yourself. I believe it is important to be aware and have as much knowledge as possible in order to look after our health the best we can.

In my next article, I will give you more information on how to best improve your bone health and to ensure as much as possible, that your bones are strong so that if you do have a fall, your chances of having a hip fracture will be much less.


Do you know someone who has had a fall and fractured their hip?

Louise Hallinan

Louise Hallinan has been working in the health industry for over 10 years. She is the Award winning Author of “Smart Brain, Healthy Brain”, and is a fully qualified Nutritionist and Homeopathic practitioner. Over the past decade, Louise has been researching memory problems and their causes to find the answers so many are looking for. Louise’s mother “Alice” suffered with Alzheimer’s disease for many years. The personal experience has given Louise a deep understanding of the devastation caused by this disease. In honour of her mother, Louise established The Hallinan Memory Clinic in 2013 and the Smart Brain Health Centre in 2014 which specialises in helping those experiencing memory problems or who want to improve their memory and brain health. www.louisehallinan.com.au

  1. It is because they are poisoning us all. The water is poisoned. The air is poisoned and the environment is poisoned and the earth is dying and we will care when it is all stuffed. That is probably the primary factor in all of that.!

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    • Why don’t you give us your opinion instead of sniping on the side Ruth. Tell us what you think. If you think what i wrote was crap then tell us your ideas. I am sure that many who have alzheimers in their families they might find also that those people spent their lives being angry all the time sometimes jealous and with other disorders that families accept as being normal. I may be wrong and i will probably get no replies or bad ones but my mother died of the same and my wifes father and they had problems similar and what i wrote above that you think is crap makes no sense. And it is also Karma which is set in train. Just because people are related to us all doesn’t mean that we have to be nice about the way they are. There are many disorders in families that are just accepted because we are expected to do so otherwise we will be seen as uncaring. If we get it that is our lot and that is it so we have to take the emotion out of it. Yes, some people are just plain rude, that is their nature. It doesn’t matter whether we are related or not because we have individual life don’t we.! It is a terrible disease so i am not trying to laugh at it but being practical i know that we don’t have to love everything. But people turn a blind eye to problems in families and bury them in the closet and don’t talk about them in the family group. We have to accept our Karma of life and what we are handed with to deal with and this disease is a damn bad one indeed. They get angry, accuse loved ones of horrible things. People know that and it is difficult to deal with. It is a sad sad thing indeed that one would go out that way.! I have personal experience with it and it affected my life greatly over the years but i feel it is the personality of the individual person that may be one thing that drives it all.!

    • One of main reasons Alzheimer’s, and several other diseases, is our obsession with low fat diets. Brains are being starved of the nutrition in good oils and fats, ie. Olive, avocado and coconut oils as well as the good fats in meat, fish, cream, butter and whole milk. These oils/fats will not make you fat; they will actually help you lose weight. It’s the sugars and carbohydrates, plus polyunsaturated vegetable oils that are doing the damage and resulting in higher levels of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. there is plenty of proven scientific evidence that a low carb/high fat diet will improve so many aspects of your health, including weight. Check it out. Give a low carb/high fat diet a go and see how much better you feel. Then spread the word …… especially to the medical profession.

  2. I am going to step out on a limb here. Firstly i did not know Alzheimers was on the increase but i guess i should have realized. Cancer, why has it gone from one in a 500 Fifty years ago to one in three now. I have heard all sorts of stories but the one that comes to mind is Glysophate, a weed killer. All wheat and other crops are sprayed with it to keep the weeds down. It is known to cause cancer 100%. Wheat turns into flour then bread etc etc etc. Glysophate is manufactured by Monsanto, they own it. Most homes have it to control weeds, i have it. There are all types of things going around. Like the drug companies paying Monsanto to promote the use of it to keep the cancer business flowing. Cancer is a 95 billion dollar a year industry for want of a better word. No cure for cancer has been found, why would the drug companies want to find a cure. Seems a bit silly what i have written or is it. Medicinal cannabis oil cures cancer amongst other thing. Why is Monsanto trying and will possibly win with owning the rights to the name cannabis. A lot will think i am mad to say what i have written but am i.

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    • Unfortunately Noel, I think you are absolutely right.

    • You are not mad Noel, I agree with you 100% I have been saying this for many years, glyphosate is a know carcinogen, I am slightly paranoid around herbicides and pesticides and refuse to use anything like this.

    • Read Eve Hillary’s “Children of a Toxic Harvest” on the subject of Roundup. This book was recommended to me by a chemical scientist in Dept of Environment. However would bave to disagree that one in three people dying of cancer has occurred only recently. If you think about all the older people you know or have known whose mental function has declined sharply after having major surgery it’s nearly 100% – reckon epidural’s safer.

    • Louise Shortus my mum had breast cancer surgery when she was 80 and got Alzheimer’s not too long after that, she was also diagnosed with diabetes and I’ve always thought the shock and trauma to her body may have been the cause.

    • Like you and Lee Horrocks I know you to be right Noel Wilson. I was involved in preventing our local council using this chemical and the more we protested the more obvious it became,that the tentacles of the chemical companies have a stranglehold everywhere! Just from the cluster of symptoms we suffered directly after the spraying,even to causing miscarriages and now many years later seeing the deaths from rare cancers in this small neighbourhood,is chilling. So yes,why could this not affect cognition as well.You are right, there will never be cures while these chemical companies rule supreme.

  3. Is it because we are living longer? Years ago, men in particular would work until they were 65 and then quite often died within a few years of retirment. Therefore, not living long enough for them to be recognised as having Alzheimers. Just a thought!

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    • Fair comment Vivienne. Why are we hearing weekly about little kids, some only a few months old with brain tumors. Never, or hardly heard of it a few years back. I agree with Surya’s post below 100% You may be right with the Alzheimer theory but there is something with the cancer one.

    • I also wonder if the progress in medical science means things are being diagnosed earlier and maybe it’s always been there.

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      • I agree they have more sophisticated machines these days to detect things,especially cancer. We are living a lot longer didn’t get Alzheimer’s before because we died before we had chance to get it.

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        • I agree with you Jean 100%. Middle age in the 1960’s was about 50 years old. Now it is closer to 65 – 70 yrs. Our lifespan definitely has something to do with Alzheimers disease.

  4. This was a relief to read. I had surgery just a few weeks ago and felt like my brain wouldn’t work for two weeks afterward. It was scary. Hubby has a memory like a cabbage sieve so two of us would be a disaster.

  5. Having worked with people with Alzheimer’s I understand the Signs and outcomes which is not being able to express themselves in a sentence. Words are muddled and it gets worse. I have noticed that they are labelling many people who have different related dementia as Alzheimer’s. People with other dementia issues can ask questions and have a discussion of sorts. Maybe there is more funding available big ball are put in the Alzhiemers box. But it’s unfair to their families believing their loved one has Alzhiemers. When it is dementia. There is a difference.

  6. When our memory fails us for a moment or an hour we know about it. Dementia is when you don’t know. Yes all dementia is not Alzheimer’s

  7. The low-fat and “fake” oils diet we were falsely told was healthy is certainly a contributor. The doctors mostly have it wrong on cholesterol too and statins are way too over-prescribed. A low-carb, healthy fat (butter, lard and other saturated fats) diet is so much better for you and I can only speak personally as to how much my overall health has improved since adopting it. No sugars at all and no grains either.

  8. I feel we are all living so much longer that a diagnosis of dementia is made where years ago the elderly would have died before dementia really set in.

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