What your cracked lips are trying to tell you...

Cracked lips can be an irritating ailment to deal with. Most assume that their lips are peeling and cracking due to weather changes and coat on the lip balm with no avail. However, your cracked lips may be indicating a number of health issues you didn’t know about.

  • Lack of water

Consuming appropriate amounts of water is integral to good health. Our bodies require adequate amounts of water to function properly, aiding in digestion and distribution of nutrients. Lack of water, or dehydration, causes the lips to dry out which is well-known cause of chapped lips. In order to combat this you must consume enough water, recommended 4-6 glasses a day.

  • Allergies

Your cracked lips could be caused by something as simple as an allergic reaction to the lipgloss you are wearing or the foods you are eating. If you notice a pattern in what is causing your lips to dry out you should avoid these foods/products. If you want to establish the exact cause of the reaction you can visit your doctor to have these tested.

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  • Lack of vitamins

Like water, vitamins are essential for general health. A lack in certain vitamins can trigger health issues and cause negative reactions throughout the body. If your lips are constantly cracking the vitamin B group is what you should keep an eye on, specifically vitamin B2. B2 is responsible for your metabolism, regulation of amino acid levels in blood and cell functioning. If you are concerned about a lack of B2 a simple blood test will tell you if you are receiving enough. Eggs, leafy greens, beans, nuts, meat and fish are all good sources of vitamin B.

  • Reactions to medicines and products

Some medication can have negative side effects, for example medications that treat vertigo and high blood pressure are known to cause chapped lips. If you suspect medications may be causing cracked lips you should consult your doctor to see if there are alternatives.

Products like toothpastes, shampoos, face wash and soaps can often contain sodium lauryl sulphate which may cause irritation and dryness. Try swapping out these for products that contain natural ingredients instead and see if that helps.

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  • Too much vitamin A

Although vitamins are essential for good health, having too much of them can be poisonous. Excess vitamin A can result in dry, cracked, bleeding or peeling lips. Vitamin A is usually required to get rid of dark spots on the skin, but you need to make sure that if you are taking supplements you are not consuming more in the foods you eat.

  • Inflammatory diseases and health conditions

Inflammatory diseases like Angular Chelitis can cause cracked lips. This condition is characterised by inflammation at the corners of the lips, chapped lips and dribbling saliva, those with sensitive skin are vulnerable to this disease. Leaving chapped lips untreated can also be a big trigger of this infection. Hypothyroidism and psoriasis can also cause dry, chapped lips. If you are concerned about these issues speak to your doctor for a diagnosis.

Licking your lips can often provide temporary relief but saliva evaporates very quickly, which leaves your lips dry and even more chapped. If you are experience chapped lips ensure you stay hydrated and moisturise with balm. If the condition worsens you may need to seek medical advise in order to rule out other conditions.

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