This is how many calories are in your takeaway

Everyone loves picking up a takeaway meal every now and then, but new data has revealed just how many calories are in those tasty takeaways and it’s not looking good for the waistline!

Of cause we all know these kinds of meals should only be ‘occasional’ foods, but it turns out many Australians are eating them way more than doctors recommend.

In fact, many Australians indulge in takeaway food at least once a week which is contributing to our collective ever-expanding waistlines.

Doctors are urging people to read the facts below and reconsider their options next time they’re thinking of heading through the drive-through.

As a reference, the average adult will ideally burn between 1500-1800 calories per day composed of which 120-180g of total carbs, less than 30g of added sugars, 60-80g of fat and less than 2000mg of sodium.

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Large Big Mac Meal

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Large burger, Large fries and a Large coke
Calories: 1170
Fat (g): 51
Carbs (g): 141
Sugars (g): 61
Sodium (mg): 1443

Fan Feed Box
Big Mac, Sundae, Medium Fries, 10 Chicken Bites, Medium Drink
Calories: 1170
Fat (g): 51
Carbs (g): 141
Sugars (g): 61
Sodium (mg): 1443

McDonald’s Grand Angus Meal

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Grand Angus Burger, Large Fries and Large Coke
Calories: 1299
Fat (g): 60
Carbs (g): 102
Sugars (g): 61
Sodium (mg): 1595

KFC Three Piece Feed

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Three pieces Original Recipe chicken, regular potato and gravy, dinner roll, regular chips and a can of soft drink.
Calories: 1055
Fat (g): 54
Carbs (g): 82
Sugars (g): 51
Sodium (mg): 2134

KFC Zinger Stacker Box

Zinger Stacker, three wicked wings, one regular chips, one regular potato and gravy and a regular drink
Calories: 1566
Fat (g): 72
Carbs (g): 113
Sugars (g): 60
Sodium (mg): 3550

KFC Original Tenders Box

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Three new Original Tenders, potato and gravy, snack Popcorn Chicken, creamy aioli, regular
chips and a 375ml drink.
Calories: 1115
Fat (g): 48
Carbs (g): 116
Sugars (g): 60
Sodium (mg): 2474

Hungry Jacks Bacon Deluxe Tamer

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Bacon Deluxe, BBQ Cheeseburger, three Nuggets, Medium Fries and a Medium Coke
Calories: 1605
Fat (g): 83
Carbs (g): 153
Sugars (g): 55
Sodium (mg): 2070

Hungry Jacks Whopper Tamer

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Whopper, BBQ Cheeseburger, three Nuggets, Medium Fries and a Medium Coke
Calories: 1730
Fat (g): 87
Carbs (g): 177
Sugars (g): 60
Sodium (mg): 1686

Oporto Chicken Meal Box

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Quarter Chicken, two Chicken Bites, BBQ Corn Wheel, Spicy Rice, Small Chips, 375ml can
Calories: 830
Fat (g): 47
Carbs (g): 110
Sugars (g): 52
Sodium (mg): 2900

Oporto Meal Box
Bondi Burger, One Flame Grilled Wing, Potato Bites, Spicy Rice, Small Chips, Can of Soft
Calories: 1145
Fat (g): 58
Carbs (g): 154
Sugars (g): 54
Sodium (mg): 3294

Dominos Grand Supreme Pizza

Calories: 1326
Fat (g): 56
Carbs (g): 142
Sugars (g): 28
Sodium (mg): 3606

How often do you get takeaway food? Are you careful about what you eat?