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A man from Sydney is facing the challenge that so many other Australian people are currently, and will in the future, face. His mother has dementia and he is sharing his open diary of his mother’s long and painful decline into early onset dementia.

Although this is early onset dementia, it’s something that increases in prevalence with age and right now, there is no cure. Currently 342,800 Australians are living with dementia and if a cure or strong prevention strategies aren’t identified soon, this number will reach 900,000.

The below video needs to be shared. It’s confronting, and it brought some people in the Starts at 60 office to tears, but it goes to show just how important fighting this disease really should be.

 Tell us, do you have a loved one who has faced this? 

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  1. Watching this only confirms my belief in ‘the right to die with dignity’!

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    • So do you decide that it’s time for this person to die? What gives you that right?

  2. Yes, when my mother started calling me Helen when my names julie. She in the end referred to me as that mongrel julie. Heartbreaking to say the least.

  3. Yes my Mum got very violent would lash out at me if you asked her to do things she didn’t want to do. Medication stopped it a lot but until you can get assessment you just have to put up with it. Just a horrid disease wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy.

  4. Couldn’t see the video it is an awful disease my mother had, it she used to say some very hurtful things to me had to walk away sometimes

  5. What has changed in the last 60-100 years that now we have so many people diagnosed with forms of dementia? There must be a reason but whether it is the medecine we take, the food we eat or the environment we live in who knows and no-one seems to care. I had a friend diagnosed with early onset dementia (he couldn’t count back from 100 by 3’s quickly enough !!!), but when he had a heart repair he was magically no longer a dementia sufferer because now his brain was getting enough oxygen. These things should be looked at but everyone is jumping of the bandwagon of starting complexes to put these people in and no money is being spent on finding out why it is suddenly an epedemic.

  6. I have worked in the Aged Care Sector and in particular Dementia Wings – staff have learnt to go into the lives of the person so that their needs can be met – unfortunately this is always a heartbreaking experience for families and friends – whilst it is a shocking disease/illness the focus should be more on the best quality Dementia Care rather than Euthenasia when these people are unable to make that decision for themselves any longer

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    • Sorry I dont agree, that is why it is so important to have a contract with your Dr. Its personal but i would not want to be living like this. It should be my choice no one elses.

    • I agree Karen -the contract is called a Living Will and they are widely used in the US – if they are in place while a person is of sound mind the wishes of the person should be met

  7. I have lost three members of my immediate family to Alzheimer’s / Dementia. Yes the slow decline of your loved one is devastating, it pulls families apart as is the my case, Siblings don’t accept and don’t want to let go even though their parent cannot be cared for at home.
    It is hard enough accepting what is happening without all the family being at loggerheads over care. Dealing with nursing home for me was awful and I would do everything in my power now to keep any of my loved ones out of nursing home care.

  8. No video. Don’t need to see it really, as very aware of dementia, and all it entails. Also looked after many people in the past with the disease. It’s a sad disease, though a lot of patients are happy enough in their own little world. It’s the family who suffers in the end I suppose! Sadly a part of life, like so many other diseases! Still don’t believe in Euthanasia….though!

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