This awesome program could ward off dementia... and the government will pay for it

A new government program is helping seniors tackle dementia and Alzheimer’s through dance, exercise, and activities and it’s winning praise throughout the country. Making the effort to get off the couch and get the body moving can be tiresome, especially when you’re limited to repetitive activities like walking around the block or swimming laps, which is why many spritely seniors are embracing this new initiative.

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The program organises free and low-cost access to a range of gyms and sports centres for seniors who want to exercise but may have been held back in the past due to the high cost of gym memberships and classes. With the new program, seniors can dance the night away or work up a healthy sweat in a group exercise class without having to worry about breaking the bank.

Exercise has been proven to help ward off diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s by up to 50 per cent as it gets the blood circulating and increases mental stimulation.

Sport and recreation development officer Darrin Yates told the ABC the program isn’t just about keeping the body and mind active, there’s a fun social side to it as well.

“People who have recently retired, sometimes they can take a while to get set into their new retired life and this is a great way to do it; to meet new people or connect with old friends again,” he said.

The program is currently available in NSW, with many people hoping it will spread to other parts of the country soon.

Would you participate in this program if it was available to you? What’s your favourite way to exercise?