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There are so many different types of knee surgeries that we can undergo to assist the common ailments of ageing and perhaps one of the most common is the arthroscopy. It’s a common and fast procedure that is often performed to relieve pain for osteoarthritis sufferers.

However, the idea that this surgery works for patients has been dispelled with studies suggesting that it is no better than a placebo or sham intervention according to the ABC.

Ian Harris, a Professor of orthopaedic surgery at the University of New South Wales says,

“Having an operation that removes more cartilage doesn’t correct [the underlying problem] so it’s not effective, or no more effective than placebo, when it is done for knee pain from osteoarthritis,”

The big problem is that doctors and surgeons aren’t accepting this and continue to give their patients this treatment claiming that they, individually, believe it works. But what Professor Harris believes is driving this is a little different.

He said, “The unfortunate reality is they [orthopaedic surgeons] don’t either want to believe the solid evidence that’s out there or they’re happy to continue to practise counter to that evidence because there is remunerative benefit to be gained from it,”

So next time you’re considering knee surgery for your OA, think about what alternative treatments and management strategies you have available to you… We’ll be keen to find out what methods have worked for you!

Tell us, have you had an arthroscopy? Was it successful? Share your experience in the comments below…




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  1. I had knee surgery almost 2 years ago. Whilst it took a while to get ‘back to normal”, I’m much happier now and would not think twice about getting surgery for my other kne, ie, if and when required.

  2. I was booked in for this surgery as I had torn my meniscus. Due to other emergencies in the family, I had to cancel my surgery. Guess what? My knee has healed and I am painless and have normal movement again.

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    • I had the same problem but had the surgery. Regret it as nearly a year later its probably worse. You dodged the bullet my dear

    • I am booked in for surgery for after May. Same as Morvyth but am now hesitating as it seems to be fixing itself and my surgeon has already told me that it could make it worse. My problems stemmed from an anterior hip replacement and I think they damaged my knee in the process.

  3. I have had 12 arthroscopes on my knees!! Did help with pain but each time I had one done I lost a little bit more flexibility from my knees! Had Bi Lateral knee replacement in December and haven’t looked back! No where else to go now just hoping the hips and ankles hold out

  4. People I have known that have had Arthroscopies have had to have knee replacements a few years later. Money for the Ortho Specialists. My Ortho Surgeon told me not to waste my time or money, my knee was bone -on-bone. I had a TKR right ten years ago and a TKR left five years ago. I have never looked back. Sometimes I wonder about these Specialists and ALSO pharmaceutical Companies. Is it all for fleecing their pockets? They all know how to charge.

  5. am a little scared of having knee replacement surgery. ive had arthroscopy done and found it worked and hasnt caused any problems for 5 or 6 years.

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    • Fantastic to hear this as i have also a tear in the meniscus and some arthritis and was offered surgery which i refused. My knee is still hurting but i am getting orthotics for my shoes, taking a supplement called arthromax, and doing pilates. Inhope in time my knee will come good.

  6. There was no alternatives given, just suggestions that there are some! Why not I wonder?

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  7. I also had a torn meniscus which come good on it’s own three years ago, while l hesitated to have surgery, owing to the fact that when my husband had bilateral knee surgery 17 years ago in a private hospital by a top orthopaedic surgeon, he ended up with golden staph infections in both knees, and ultimately had to have an above knee amputation of one leg, and the other has never been any good since then, but after about 15 operations, at least he was able to keep that one. One thing l have definitely decided is, l would never have any knee surgery except as a last resort.

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  8. Had an Arthroscope which went well for a few years. Hav now had 2 knee replacements never felt better but u do hav to ride an exercise bike every day as far as Im concerned as it gets the bend back in the knee an if u can hav physio all the better. I will probably ride the bike for a long time as it is so benaficial

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