Thinking about knee surgery? Think again…

There are so many different types of knee surgeries that we can undergo to assist the common ailments of ageing and perhaps one of the most common is the arthroscopy. It’s a common and fast procedure that is often performed to relieve pain for osteoarthritis sufferers.

However, the idea that this surgery works for patients has been dispelled with studies suggesting that it is no better than a placebo or sham intervention according to the ABC.

Ian Harris, a Professor of orthopaedic surgery at the University of New South Wales says,

“Having an operation that removes more cartilage doesn’t correct [the underlying problem] so it’s not effective, or no more effective than placebo, when it is done for knee pain from osteoarthritis,”

The big problem is that doctors and surgeons aren’t accepting this and continue to give their patients this treatment claiming that they, individually, believe it works. But what Professor Harris believes is driving this is a little different.

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He said, “The unfortunate reality is they [orthopaedic surgeons] don’t either want to believe the solid evidence that’s out there or they’re happy to continue to practise counter to that evidence because there is remunerative benefit to be gained from it,”

So next time you’re considering knee surgery for your OA, think about what alternative treatments and management strategies you have available to you… We’ll be keen to find out what methods have worked for you!

Tell us, have you had an arthroscopy? Was it successful? Share your experience in the comments below…