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In the past few weeks, an infographic is Coca Cola’s harmful effects has gone viral – it highlighted just how bad it is to ingest the brown sugar liquid, and what it is doing from the moment you sip.

Now, there’s been another infographic made to show what Diet Coke does to your body. The sugar free alternative has long been considered a healthier option to regular Coke and other sugary beverages but in actual fact, it’s just as damaging, if not more so.

Former pharmacist Niraj Naik has created the infographic, which shows what happens one hour after drinking a can of Diet Coke:

First 10 minutes: The phosphoric acid attacks tooth enamel while the artificial sweeteners (like aspartame) hit your system, possibly triggering taste receptors and tricking your body into thinking it has processed sugar.

20 minutes: Diet Coke can trigger insulin which sends your body into fat storage mode.

40 minutes: The combination of caffeine and aspartame creates a short addictive high similar to how cocaine works. Excitotoxins are released which may exhaust your brain by overstimulating its neuroreceptors.

60 minutes and beyond: Your body may still crave sweets, pushing you to reach for another can or some other junk food. It won’t quench your thirst, but instead leave you dehydrated.

“A can of diet cola contains 44-62mg of phosphoric acid, more than in many other soft drinks and researchers at Tufts University in Boston showed that women who regularly drank three or more cans a day had four per cent lower bone mineral density in their hips compared to those who preferred other soft drinks,” said Mr Naik.

“In experiments at Harvard University, it was found to make skin and muscles wither and to damage the heart and kidneys over time.

“Phosphoric acid has been associated with urinary changes that promote kidney stones and drinking 2 or more colas per day is associated with increased risk of chronic kidney disease caused by a combination of phosphoric acid, caffeine and other additives”.

A Coca Cola spokeswoman told News Corp that the infographics were misleading and “junk science”. She defended their products because they are “loved by millions around the world and are safe to consume”. Surely that gives more weight than science…


Take a look at the below infographics and tell us, has this changed your mind? Do you drink Diet Coke and diet drinks? Will you stop?

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  1. Disgusting stuff

    1 REPLY
    • We serve it in cans at a club and the drink goes off almost exactly on the use by date. So watch use by dates when purchasing in a supermarket, as sometimes the discount offers are for close to use by.
      How does the drink go off when sealed in a can? Is it a chemical reaction with the aluminium?
      One would think so.
      So only buy in glass.

  2. I do drink diet coke occasionally, mainly at the pub. We used to drink it more often but have cut back considerably. If thirsty I prefer water, coffee my normal drink but if off colour or hot then I prefer tea. I avoid all prepared drinks as they have staggeringly high sugar content.

  3. People won’t listen until they get really sick & then they will have wished that had stopped.

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