The silent culprit of memory problems and Alzheimer’s disease that’s in our cupboards 101



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Did you know that every day in some way, we are consuming and/or absorbing a heavy metal that is well known and proven to be toxic to our brain and affecting our memory?

Yes – this is an absolute fact and the silent culprit is aluminium.

And what is very surprising is the fact that aluminium is contained in our everyday items that we take for granted in our lives. Here are four (4) examples for you to check out:-

  1. We start our day off usually with a shower, and what do we use to keep us fresh for the day and fight perspiration and the odour it may cause – Deodorants.   The majority of deodorants on the chemist and supermarket shelves contain Aluminium Chlorohydrate as one of the ingredients. We use the deodorant daily and unknowingly, aluminium gets absorbed through the pores in our skin.
  1. Next, in the kitchen preparing our breakfast, lunch or dinner and cooking on the stove using pots and pans.   But are your pots and pans made from aluminium? If they are lightweight and relatively easy to clean, they are most probably made from aluminium. If you have aluminium pots and pans in your kitchen, then you are almost certainly consuming aluminium unknowingly.
  1. We may go out or lunch or dinner and possibly over-eat because the food was so delicious, or we eat a spicy dish that has upset our stomach afterwards. What do you reach for when we get indigestion or an upset stomach?     Mylanta of course.   Did you know that Mylanta also contains aluminium? “Each 10ml of liquid contains Aluminium Hydroxide – dried – equivalent to 50% Aluminium Oxide” to be exact. It may settle your stomach, but what is it doing to your brain and memory?
  1. The last example that you need to know about is – Common Table Salt. Surely this can’t be a problem, but yes, the common table salt in the supermarket that we use so much and take for granted, contains an ingredient – (554). Have a look at the side of the salt container next time and check it out. This number “554” is “Sodium Aluminosilicate”. It is linked to Alzheimer’s and nerve damage, bone diseases, kidney damage and neurotoxicity.

So after looking at all these four examples, are we really surprised at the fact that Alzheimer’s disease is increasing and affecting more of those who are 65 years and under? This is going on silently, daily and up till now, many have been totally unaware of these facts.

Aluminium is a hidden danger to our brain health, and so the more you are aware of these facts, the better you can take steps yourself to make a few changes in your life. Instead of using aluminium pots and pans, invest in a good stainless set of pots and pans. The stainless steel pots and pans are better quality, will last longer and keep you healthy.

There are also a few companies making deodorants without aluminium, and so keep an eye out for those.

If you have been taking Mylanta, then if you are concerned about your brain health and memory, avoid it. Instead of taking something to cover up your indigestion, find out what is causing the problem.

It is very surprising to find that the common table salt contains aluminium, but this is something you can easily change. Look for healthier salts that are not processed and don’t contain this dangerous ingredient. As a suggestion, the Himalayan Pink rock salt is a very healthy choice because it is natural and contains all the micro-minerals that our body needs which are naturally found in pure salt.


Are you using any of these items that contain aluminium?

Louise Hallinan

Louise Hallinan has been working in the health industry for over 10 years. She is the Award winning Author of “Smart Brain, Healthy Brain”, and is a fully qualified Nutritionist and Homeopathic practitioner. Over the past decade, Louise has been researching memory problems and their causes to find the answers so many are looking for. Louise’s mother “Alice” suffered with Alzheimer’s disease for many years. The personal experience has given Louise a deep understanding of the devastation caused by this disease. In honour of her mother, Louise established The Hallinan Memory Clinic in 2013 and the Smart Brain Health Centre in 2014 which specialises in helping those experiencing memory problems or who want to improve their memory and brain health.

  1. The only one that effects me is Deodorant. Will definitely be looking for one without Aluminium.

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  2. Well the only one that doesn’t effect me is the cookware as we only use cast iron and stainless steel cookware unless next week someone one tells us that these metals cause something or other but as for Salt, love it, can’t live without it, salt on just about everything including most fruits. My memory isn’t too bad so there must be something that I am eating or drinking that is an antidote for the aluminium. I know, it must be “XXXX GOLD” or maybe “Bundy Rum”, it can’t be the “Winfield Red’s ” as i’ve given them up.

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  3. Aluminium is found in most vaccines. British Medical Journal admits that if you have 5 flu shots 5 years in a row it increases alzheimers risk 10 fold

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  4. So if we go stinky,which in itself is socially unacceptable,don’t cook,don’t eat,and don’t use any salt on your hot chips….we will live longer….bugger that!

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    • I make a gorgeous simple deodorant with coconut oil, bicarbonate, cocoa butter and essential oil. Cheap, works and no risk. Plenty of ‘natural’ commercially produced no aluminium deodorants on sale too.

    • I don’t want a flipping deodorant … I want an “antiperspirant” so I will continue using commercial deodorants. The aluminum myth was debunked years ago so I am prepared to take that risk. There is not much that is less attractive in summer than wet armpits.

  5. Very interesting. Reminds me of when I got married all those years ago, and we shared house with my mother-in-law. I got rid of all her aluminium pots first thing – wow, we got off to a bad start!!! All was well when I explained why and brought out my new set of stainless steel pots!!! And did all the cooking!!

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