The scientific key to happiness has been found!
By Starts at 60 WritersIn HealthOn Wednesday 22nd Oct, 2014

The scientific key to happiness has been found!

Being happy is something we all strive to do. And in light of the prevalence of mental illness in lives today, it is something that has become an important focus of our mental and emotional health. Luckily, a study by the University of Queensland has found that the key to happiness might be much easier than we thought…

Dr Redzo Mujcic researched of 12,000 Australians and found that eating eight fruits and vegetables each day dramatically improves our mental health and general wellbeing. The scary thing is that less than 10% of us are actually eating this amount.

Interestingly too, increased consumption of fruit has a more significant impact than vegetables on our mental and emotional health.

So tonight, grab some fruit and whip up a fruit salad for a fun and happy dessert.

How much fruit do you eat each day? Tell us in the comments below… 

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