The most unusual secret for a good sleep

There are heaps of tips and tricks out there to help you get a better sleep but we bet you haven’t heard of or tried this one before. This is by far the easiest solution though it seems a bit counterintuitive, especially in the cold weather.

You don’t need an electric blanket, to listen to calming music or use lavender oil. All you need is your feet.

The trick is to keep your feet outside the covers to help induce a good night’s sleep. When we eventually go to sleep, our body temperature decreases and by the time we reach our deepest sleep our core temperature is one or even two degrees below normal.

According to a sleep psychologist from Victoria University, this trick greatly depends on the room temperature. The key is to maintain airflow over your feet or hands to be comfortable. You’ll start to notice that you can’t go to sleep if your feet are either too hot or too cold. Finding the right temperature to sleep in is essential for a good rest.

Your hands and feet are particularly useful at cooling or heating your body because they can quickly dissipate heat. That’s why sticking your feet out from under your doona can bring your temperature back to an ideal level. It can put you to bed faster and deeper.

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However, this process also works in reverse. For instance, if you’re struggling to warm up in your doona on these cold winter nights, it’s important to keep your feet tucked in. They’re also one of the best body parts of the body for getting rid of heat.

Overall experts do agree that if you want to reach a deeper sleep, it’s important to keep your temperature on the lower side.


Tell us, have you ever tried this trick? Did it work for you?