"The most important drug since statins"

It is being hailed as the most important drug since statins – and quite frankly it is amazing. This drug, also known as the “Pac Man” drug is reducing patient cholesterol levels to those seen in babies… Something that we haven’t ever seen before.

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Alirocumab has been tested by a team of researches from St George’s Hospital in London. They conducted a global study of over 2,400 people and found that those given Alirocumab saw their level of fats 0.7mmol per litre of blood – something similar to what you would see in a baby. It dramatically reduced their levels of blood fats called lipoprotein (LDL), known as “bad cholesterol”.

It all but eliminated cholesterol in one third of the people who were already taking statins and halved bad cholesterol levels in people who weren’t able to take statins due to side effects. This is one of the biggest problems for people as the common side effects of statins include nausea, constipation, diarrhoea, muscle and joint pain.

This incredible drug also looks like it will be able to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke too. The drug comes as an injection, which patients administer every two weeks. Professor Ray said they had not discovered any side effects so far, but will keep studying the effects of the drug on larger groups of people. Currently, he is carrying out a study which will test how much the drug reduces heart attacks and stroke.

This is the first major breakthrough and the most effective solution since statins would discovered and it gives people who are unable to take them, an alternative option.

There’s no word about when it might become available as clinical trials are still being conducted but we imagine it to be in the next few years if it continues to have these amazing results without harming us.

Have you taken statins? Would you prefer a self-injecting drug like this? Would you take it?