The latest weapon in the battle against common skin condition

Good news for psoriasis sufferers, with a simple-to-use spray-on foam that quickly vanishes into the skin the latest weapon in

Good news for psoriasis sufferers, with a simple-to-use spray-on foam that quickly vanishes into the skin the latest weapon in the battle against the debilitating skin condition.

Regular treatment for the condition involves heavy ointments, which many patients complained left them feeling greasy and stained their clothes. However, the new spray is said to be quickly absorbed and patients who used it noticed dramatic improvements to their condition after just four weeks of daily use.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that affects approximately 300,000 Australians. It causes red, crusty patches that can be itchy or sore. The condition is frequently found on areas of the body that are exposed such as knees and elbows, but can occur almost anywhere.

The new treatment is called Enstilar and combines vitamin D with a corticosteroid that is applied once a day over a four-week period.

Clinical trials on the newly licensed treatment have shown that the ingredients used to treat the condition address the inflammation of skin and the excessive production of skin cells that cause flaky patches.

It is the first time vitamin D and a corticosteroid have been combined in a foam spray and results so far indicate that the product is more effective than other topical treatments available on the market.

The product is available in Australia.

Do you or does someone you know suffer psoriasis? Have you ever had a skin condition that required medical treatment?

  1. Marlene Sanders  

    I have suffered with psoriasis on my hands and feet for several years now. I have almost any and every cream, ointment, gel that there is. Prescription and OTC. I have taken some really heavy duty drugs which require monthly blood tests to make sure it isn’t causing irreparable damage to my liver. At one point my rheumatologist and dermatologist were both trying to get me on biologics (which require weekly injections). As I am willing to try much more harmful treatments, this one sounds like I would be keen to try.

    • Warren Urch  

      I am on 3mthly injections of Stelara ( approved by the govt so i only pay $40 instead of $4,000 ) It works well and is a simple injection with no pain. A lot of red tape to cut through but your Dermatologist should be able to help. Send me a pm if you like.

  2. I have it at the base of my scull in my hair and have to wash my hair more offen than normal and if I use the wrong shampoo I’m in BIG trouble to weeks.

    Can we get a trial sample of this new treatment.

    • Heather Margaret  

      Have you tried MooGoo hair wash, has worked well for my husband over the last two years

  3. Karen  

    Where or how do you purchase this spray?

  4. Karleen Bourke  

    I have psoriasis which I have had for years, on my elbows legs and the cheeks of my bottom as well as on as my face, I have tried every cream and ointments available.

  5. lyn astill  

    I have suffered with psoriasis for years, mine is good at present.I would like to know more about this treatment as two of my sisters have it bad and also my son has it quite thick

  6. Kathy Robinson  

    Where can you get this spray? And is it suitable to use on the scalp? I have suffered from this horrible condition for over 50 years and like everyone else, I’ve tried all the prescription creams and drugs. …nothing works for long. At the moment my worst area is my scalp. …so itchy and flakey….driving me nuts…Help

  7. Jan  

    I’ve started drinking 2 dessertspoons of extra virgin olive oil a day, sometimes I alternate with coconut oil. Michael Moseley on Catalyst recommends it as well, Google it. It really has helped my psoraiasis, my skin is smooth, the crust has gone.

  8. This might work in the short term but in the long term steroid creams make psoriasis much worse so even though trials look good be warned. I am one of the lucky ones in a way. methotrexate got rid of my scalp psoriasis but I have rheumatoid arthritis so the drugs I am on keep it at bay.

  9. Michelle turner  

    My husband suffered with this on his feet and legs for years- bleeding and weeping .Within 6 weeks of using Brights Bees wax-nothing else – his skin was completely clear and even the purple scarring from steroid cream use had disappeared..

  10. Donna  

    This may sound really bizarre but bathing in the sea is the best treatment for skin conditions. My son suffered for years until a friend of mine told me to take him to the beach and have him swim. the next day after him being in the water it was almost gone. I took him till it was completely gone. He still has mild flare ups but a dip in the ocean and its gone.

    • Joanne  

      Oh! Yes, Donna, the sea salt water’s marvellous for many things!
      When a child, my parents’ would take me to our house down the Coast, & I’d swim daily, in the ocean.
      If I had a ‘sniffly nose’ it was cleared quick smart.

      For sore throats, at home, gargling with warm salty water is good.. It soothes, & ‘medicates’ the throat.
      Better still, if an ocean dip is available.

  11. Sue May  

    I have it on my scalp which is making my hair fall out. I once had thick hair but now is thinning. I manage to control it by using the right type of shampoo. I have been told that my hair should grow back eventually.

    • Maureen  

      Hi Sue
      I have the same problem, could you let me know the shampoo that has worked for you.

    • Jan Darr  

      Hi Sue I would like to know the name of the shampoo too please. Jan

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