The 'just this once' lie

My tape measure never lied, until recently that is.

According to my defective tape measure, something nasty was happening to my body, a most unattractive thickening of the waistline.

Desperate measures were called for. Out came the sewing machine to make what I call ‘fat’ dresses. As a rule, my weight tends to fluctuate. However, if it went up, it always came back down. Well, it used to always come back down. It’s a big wakeup call when you can no longer fit into your fat dresses.

Recently, an image of a white hamburger bun, with the heading Wheat Tummy, turned up the volume. That white ‘muffin top’ hamburger bun image looked exactly how my stomach looked. Ahem, when I wasn’t trying to hold it in. I was gutted (excuse the pun).

So, should I accept this happens when one ages and get my sewing machine out to make super-size fat dresses? Well, that is an option. 

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How easy would it be to sit back, relax and pour another glass of sparkling wine whilst reaching for another block of chocolate? I could say to myself it’s okay; this is what happens when one ages. It’s not my fault! Letting this ‘fact’ settle in, I reach for another glass of sparkling wine. Yes that’s right, it’s not my fault.

That is always an option but I decided that option was not to be my reality.

We make decisions every single day

The consequences of those decisions create our future. Consequences can be good for us or not so good for us. Deciding you can’t be bothered to exercise today has a clear consequence. Eating chocolate and pouring another glass of sparkling wine has a clear consequence too. 

Oh, just this once.” we say “It won’t hurt!” The ‘Just this once’ lie leads to habitual behaviour that doesn’t serve us. Life does not happen to us, it happens through us, through the decisions we make. 

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Never give away your power to say yes or to say no.

Own your decisions, don’t point the finger of blame at someone or something else. Enjoy that glass of sparkling wine I say; don’t beat yourself up over having it. But don’t lie to yourself about why you made that decision to do so.

It’s pretty clear why I’ve developed my middle-aged spread.

And it has little to do with my age and a lot to do with the decisions I make every single day.

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