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If you hate the idea of taking too much time to exercise, going on one hour runs or to forty-five minute step classes, then listen up. A team of researchers have proved that if you conduct a 10 minute work out, three times a week and have one minute of intense exercise, you can improve your endurance, blood pressure and health… Especially if you’re overweight!

A new study from from McMaster University in Ontario, published in the journal PLOS One, shows how one minute of intense exercise (during a ten-minute workout three times a week) stimulated physiological changes linked to improved health in overweight adults. After six weeks, 14 overweight male and female participants had improved their endurance levels by about 12per cent, and had better blood pressure levels, as well as improved muscle activity.

The research involved participants conducting their ten minute sessions as follows; two minute stationary bike warm up, participants then biked as hard as they could for three 20 second intervals followed by two minutes of slow pedalling, before cooling down for three minutes on the bike. This took ten minutes and came to a total of just 30 minutes of exercising a week.

Interval exercise has been around for a while, but this abridged version of the old hour long work out is definitely in my favour!

Tell us, would you consider this type of exercise?

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  1. At least it correlates with the “5:2” fasting approach. Thanks to McMaster Uni for a commonsense approach and outcome.

  2. Walk up hills every morning. Have just gone from 1.5k to 2k walks. Ramp it up every 2 weeks. Only started few weeks ago as have had knee surgery. It’s now a habit I love. If I don’t go for a walk each morning, I feel like my day hasn’t started right. If I can only do a short walk due to circumstances, I walk faster to get the needed impact & raised heart rate.

  3. Yes I walk every day for about fifty minutes,have a bike at home but rarely use it,shall have to try this.

  4. Michael Mosely SBS suggests the same regime, and the 5/2 diet. I’ve lost 16kg in 16 weeks my doctor is happy so am I,BP much lower feel great. Husband also. We love our walks as well

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    • Hi Bill we were watching SBS one night and came across it. Are u able to google it? It’s a very easy way to lose weight. Two days of 600cl for men 500cl for women. 5 days normal eating ( we were eating 2200cl men 1800cl fm) it sounds involved all that counting but it’s so easy after a little while it becomes normal and you now what the cal of an apple is etc. first week pretty hungry maybe even the second, after that the body adapts well. We are walking as well, and I huffed and puffed and Mal had to drag me around. Now I am going really well. As I said 16kg in 16 weeks sone weeks we couldn’t budge the weight but a couple of weeks later 2kg would come off so it balance our. Good luck, it’s a great diet because 5 days u eat normal food.

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