The app that could change your life... Do you have it?

If you go through your iPhone and iPad you’re likely to have a collection of apps that aren’t actually all that important. Games, photo editing, social media and other things fill my phone and I’m sure that yours is similar. But there some apps that can completely change our lives and yesterday I found one!

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The app called Foodswitch is a free app has has been developed by The George Institute for Global Health and Bupa Australia. It makes it easy for us to find healthier options for foods while we’re shopping, cooking or looking for a snack at home!

All you do is scan a product and;

  • Using SugarSwitch find products with less total sugar than the scanned item
  • Using EnergySwitch find foods with lower kilojoules to help manage energy intake
  • Using FatSwitch find products with a lower amount of saturated fat, helping tackle high cholesterol

Health problems and complications that stem from our diets are becoming more and more of a problem every day. This app has the power to change our diet habits and help us to make better choices for our health. A better diet can contribute to improved weight management, heart health, mental health, it can give us more energy and completely change our outlook on life.

Professor Bruce Neal of the George Institute and University of Sydney has said that this means the consumer can make better choices based on industry standards.

He said, “FoodSwitch places the power in the hands of the consumer. What people buy at the checkout drives what the food industry provides. By showing Australians what’s in their food we can all push industry towards developing and marketing more nutritious products. Poor diet is the leading cause of ill health in Australia, a precursor to the big killers like heart disease, stroke and diabetes,” added Professor Neal. “The introduction of the Health Star Rating system is a significant milestone in the fight against this problem and like FoodSwitch helps people to take control of their health”.

The way we see it, it’s like having a nutritionist in your pocket, ready to tell you if there’s a better, healthier option than the one you’re about to place in your trolly and we love it!

The updated Foodswitch app is currently available on iPhone and will become available for Android later next month. In the meantime, anyone can head to the Foodswitch website by clicking here and use the tool there!

Tell us, do you use this app already? How has it changed your life?