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Many of us tend to have a few glasses of wine to relax after a tough day but have you ever wondered what it does to your personality? Do you change more dramatically than others when intoxicated?

The nature and magnitude of these changes can now be explained.

A new study has identified that drinking does impact us more than we think. In fact, there are four types of drunk personalities that most people fall into. They tested 364 subjects at the University of Missouri-Columbia and the results are definitely worth noting. They help to increase our understanding of why some individuals behave in harmful ways while others usually don’t.

What category do you fall into? Are you happy with your category type?


Here are the four identified personalities:

1. The Hemingway


Their personality only changes slightly despite drinking heaps. They’re the classy ones and perhaps the lucky ones. They maintain conscientiousness, are able to maintain reliability, organisation and intellect compared to the rest of the people sampled. Apparently the conscientious quality is most likely to decrease with intoxication so the Hemingway’s stand out as being least affected by alcohol. The group is named Hemingway because author Ernest Hemingway claimed that he could “drink hell amounts of whiskey without getting drunk”.


2. Nutty professor 


As the name suggests, this drinker changes dramatically after having a few drinks and becomes much more extroverted and difficult. They suddenly become confident  and drop significantly in conscientiousness. This person is named after the Disney film character who is chemically transformed into an outgoing individual. They switch from an introvert to extrovert when drunk.


3. Mary Poppins


Perhaps the best type, this drinker remains agreeable and conscientious. They’re able to remain friendly and cooperative when drunk. They possess all the sweet traits of the caring Mary Poppins from the screen production and as a result, they experience fewer alcohol-related problems, unlike the next personality type, Mr Hyde.


4. Mr Hyde


Similar to the Nutty Professor, this drinker becomes very disagreeable and extroverted after a few drinks however, they are an even more unfortunate group of people. They are less conscientious, intellectual and are more likely to experience memory blackouts and even be arrested! The group is named after the literary character and sinister alter-ego Dr Jekyell. This personality shows large drops in conscientiousness and even become hostile when drunk.


Tell us, what character do you fall into after a few drinks? We’d love to know!

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  1. None of the above. If I have more than a couple of drinks I become outgoing and very knowledgable about everything. Then I fall asleep 🙂

  2. I drink to forget & then I forget what I am drinking for I love a glass of wine or two & would love if my partner joined me but alas she doesn’t which brings me to the subject before you get in a relationship make sure you are compatible in most things as it is very lonely drinking on your own

  3. Don’t know about my character but I am sitting watching the cricket and partaking in a nice glass of red

  4. I rarely drink did when young lost the habit.

  5. Pretty sure I am Mary Poppins but was married to Jekyll and Hyde for a long time. Not good. Feel sorry for Michael, it’s nice to havre a few drinks together to relax

  6. I always remain placid and very rarely drink enough to get plastered. However, it took me 40 years to learn how to be a responsible drinker.

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