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By doing this small change every single day, you can reduce your risk of heart attack and dramatically improve your heart health in just six weeks!

Scientists at the University of Glasgow investigated the effect of olive oil on heart health in a group of 69 men and women who did not normally eat it. The volunteers were split into two groups and asked to consume 20ml of olive oil either low or high in phenolics every day over a six-week period. Phenolics are natural compounds found in plants, including olives, thought to be responsible for the protective effect of olive oil.

They found that by consuming just four teaspoons of olive oil every day, the range of signals indicating heart health had significant improvements after just six weeks. The primary measurement was the biomarkers for Coronary Artery Disease and the scores for both groups – both low and high phenolics saw reductions.

Dr Emilie Combet of the School of Medicine at Glasgow University, said, “What we found was that regardless of the phenolic content of the oil, there was a positive effect on CAD scores. Any olive oil, low or high in phenolics, seems to be beneficial. Our study was a supplementation study. If people in the UK replaced part of their fat intake with olive oil, it could have an ever greater effect on reducing the risk of heart disease.”

So how can you begin to incorporate more olive oil and make healthy swaps with your fat content? Three small but effective ideas include:

  1. Don’t use traditional salad dressing – drizzle olive oil over salad instead.
  2. Enjoy bread? Dunk some in olive oil.
  3. Use olive oil instead of butter for oiling and greasing in cooking.

So tell us, do you already have a diet high in olive oil? Can you share some ideas on how to get more olive oil in your diet?


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  1. I only cook with Virgin Olive Oil, so that is not a problem, but am considering cutting out bread so no dipping into bread for me.. the more I read of this Glutton free diet the more I think I should try it too, I have learned that from the posters in thank you

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    • Agree on the gluten free diet Libbi, even if there is no benefit there can’t be any harm for trying. I’ve used Olive Oil for years but have recently taken up using my turbo oven & lately my flavour chef fry pan, no fat needed.

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      • I have read that it is not safe to follow a gluten free diet if one has not been diagnosed. Many meals are gluten free and no worry

  2. coming from a spanish background we use olive oil all the time even on bread instead of butter,, there are so many verities you have to fine the one to suit you,, the best one for me is Dante extra virgin olive oil,, the flavour is mild, can be used on everything.

  3. Olive oil, coconut oil and butter only three oils I have in the house! Use them all everyday. The olive and coconut both internally and externally and the coconut I now put in my coffee.

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    • I put two shots of coffee, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of cream OR butter and whizz it up and drink it. You do get a bit of after taste of coconut but it’s not overbearing! Not sure really tried it once at an alternate cafe liked it and now make my own!

    • I know how good coconut oil is, I put it on my hair night before I wash it, what a difference. But in coffee, must try it. Do you use the Banaban from Fiji

  4. I use olive oil in everything cooking and in salads best one for me is Moro i use both extra virgin and olive Oil

  5. Olive oil, coconut oil, avocado and butter. Nothing highly processed or filled with chemical nasties.

  6. I use always Virgin olive oil in everything.I never bought a salad dressing,I do my own with only olive oil,chives dried or fresh and wine vinegar (non any vinegar but wine one) Also you can make cakes with olive oil instead of butter. (y)

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