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Rebecca Gibney is an Australian and New Zealand television icon. At 50 years of age, we’ve watched her in multiple series across the years and have loved her characters. However speaking in an interview with Prevention Magazine she has opened up about something she kept under wraps for many years – something that many of us will be able to relate to.

Rebecca said, “In those days no-one really talked about anxiety, we just thought ‘Well I’m a bit stressed, so I’ll just deal with it on my own’. Then of course the anxiety got worse and worse and culminated in bit of an emotional collapse in my early 30s.”

According to Beyond Blue, one in six will experience depression; one in four will deal with anxiety and almost one in 10 women experience antenatal depression.

Rebecca’s struggle is something that so many of us – women and men can relate to. For so long mental illness wasn’t talked about. It wasn’t discussed and it wasn’t shared. We kept it to ourselves for fear of isolation and judgement.

It’s so wrong that this happened to so many of us and thankfully, times are changing. Rebecca speaking out about her struggle is so important because it shows us that anyone can go through the same thing and that it isn’t something to hide away or go through on your own.

Mental illness is one of the most prevalent diseases in society, but is so rarely voiced. Those who feel comfortable enough to share their stories should be admired and hopefully they can be a beacon of light and strength for others.

Tell us, can you relate to Rebecca’s experience? Have you also been through anxiety or depression? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 


If you think you are suffering from anxiety or depression or know someone who may be, please contact Beyond Blue to seek support. 

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  1. I like when people talk openly as it is the only way to stop people feeling ashamed of something nearly every person suffers from at some stage though life. People need to be kinder and supportive of mental ilness of any kind.

  2. I think depression is widely acknowledged now, but anxiety, which can be debilitating, needs more acknowledgement.

  3. Having suffered from and still battling anxiety and depression I understand very well what Rebecca has been through. My demon is always there ,at times it is hiding but then all of a sudden for reasons unknown it jumps out at me. It is undefinable and and can not be explained to anyone who doesn’t suffer from this disease. I call it my fuzzy cloud that follows me around, some days it’s barely noticeable and other days it restricts my quality of life.

  4. Anxiety is the number one mental health illness -beyond blue have shifted their focus from depression to anxiety

  5. Oh yes. I can identify with it! I take medication to keep it at bay, and I feel fine now. I will be on it for the rest of my life – but I never want to go into that black space again.

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    • Kerrie Green-Davy, I suffer from Anxiety and cannot get the right medication . May I ask what you are taking if you don’t mind. I was taking Lexam & Valprese but it caused Pancreititis .

  6. Have never suffered from depression but after I lost my husband I certainly lost all confidence and had plenty of anxiety attacks.

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