Give me 'the Barbie': Bizarre new trend for ‘down there’

There's a strange link between Barbie and cosmetic procedures for "down stairs". Source: Pexels

As women get older, it’s not uncommon for some to dabble in plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures in an effort to look younger and fix little insecurities that have bothered them over the years. While facial procedures are usually the first thing that springs to mind, women around the world are becoming more obsessed with the look of another part of their body: their vaginas. 

New reports say women around the world spent an estimated A$13.5 billion (U$10.7) on cosmetic procedures for their vaginas in 2016. Also known as “designer vaginas” the procedures see women transforming their genitals to make them aesthetically pleasing.

And, if you think it sounds completely silly, figures estimate that the numbers are expected to grow again by 45 per cent this year alone. There is a vast array of different procedures available, with a labiaplasty becoming one of the most popular operations in the world. The main purpose of the surgery is to give women a look that resembles the genitals of a Barbie doll.

According to Elite Daily, women are lining up at surgeon’s offices around the world and asking for the ‘Ms. Barbie’. The labiaplasty procedure sees doctors recreating the vagina so the labia minora, or inner lips as you may call them, are completely held within the labia majora, or the outer lips. The main purpose of the surgery is to decrease the size of the skin on either side of the opening to the vagina. As well as being used to enhance the look of the vagina, some women opt for surgery because the labia causes them discomfort.

That aside, Elite Daily spoke to a former wax specialist who noted that despite the misconception that a vagina has to look a certain way, women should be thinking long and hard before opting to go under the knife. “Moral of the story is that every vagina is different, but it shares a sisterhood with all other vaginas, and nobody should feel strange or abnormal,” she said. “Just because you haven’t met your sister vagina yet, doesn’t mean she isn’t out there.”

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It comes as the NHS urged anyone considering the surgery to discuss the matter with their doctor or GP first. If the reason for the surgery is due to discomfort, it more often than not points to another underlying medical condition. In other cases, people may be prompted to talk about their surgery ideas with a psychologist if they’re basing their decision purely on aesthetics. Skin folds, no matter the shape or size, are usually signs of a healthy vaginal opening and are completely normal.

In fact, there are several different appearances the opening can take on in addition to the Ms. Barbie and all are completely normal. In the past, plastic surgeons have gone to great pains to make clear that there is no right or wrong way for a vagina to look and that as long as it’s healthy, there’s really nothing to worry about. 

It’s always important to discuss any noticeable changes “down there” with a health professional.

What do you think? Are “designer vaginas” a good idea, or is plastic surgery going too far?

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