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The morning cup of coffee is one of life’s little pleasures. It makes you feel good, gives your tastebuds something to enjoy and helps you to come to your senses. But as it turns out, it can do a lot more for you than just that.

The UK Government Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee who meet every five years have found that it can have a range of health benefits, if you drink the right amount.

They promise that five cups of coffee a day (400mg of caffeine) will prevent Parkinsons disease, prevent liver cancer, prevent type 2 diabetes, and prevent heart disease.

Five cups is a lot, but for someone who is a “caffeine head” this probably won’t be too difficult. Interestingly though, any more than 400mg was found to not provide any additional benefits.

While it’s no superfood and the benefits aren’t life changing, they are still positives and can at least give the coffee drinkers something to feel good about.

So on this interesting news tell me, do you drink coffee? How much a day? Are you already reaching five cups? 



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  1. What a load of rubbish!! My husband drinks that amount of coffee each day and has done for a very long time – he has Type 2 Diabetes as well as heart disease!

  2. But is lack of sleep any good for us, especially those of us who have to go to work in the morning

  3. Is there an alternative to coffee?, i would imagine there are a lot of people, who like me, don’t like the taste of coffee and never have.
    Green Tea is my tipple of choice, which i enjoy drinking. I’m not usually a fussy eater or drinker, but i do like to enjoy what i eat and drink.

  4. I think all of that caffeine is counterproductive, especially for your heart health. I’m sure we would get similar benefits if we ate a full range of fruits and vegetables.

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