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One in three Australian women will face this issue at some point in their lifetime. But, despite it being so common, it isn’t widely talked about… By anyone. And when it is this common, it most definitely should be.

Incontinence is a subject that we avoid touching. We feel like it doesn’t compliment our cappuccino or our ladies lunch so we keep it quiet. But it really is something that should be accepted and spoken about.

The team at Poise recognise that because we avoid talking about incontinence, we often avoid taking action when we suffer from it. According to the new Poise Pilates Pulse, 93% of sufferers said that they had an interest in doing something to minimise or eliminate their symptoms; however over half (53%) admitted they simply forgot, while almost a third of respondents (31%) said they do not know what pelvic exercises are or how to do them properly.

So, do you do pelvic exercises?

The study found that there is a huge knowledge gap in the correct exercise techniques and frequency for many women. 60% of women over 50 were unaware of the correct technique or frequency for pelvic exercises, highlighting just how important it is to know the facts.

To help women like you and I, Poise has developed an online help guide including videos that teaches us Pilates specific to strengthening our pelvic floor muscles and prevent us from developing or help us to manage light bladder leakage.

Pilates expert Kimberley Garlick said “pelvic floor muscles are the foundation for the core of the body. They help keep the pelvis stable and support our organs in the lower abdomen such as the bladder and uterus. These are the muscles we focus on strengthening during Pilates”. Kimberly also said that Pilates is one of the best exercise programs to help women rebuild their pelvic floor during menopausal changes.

And the good news is that it is easier than we think! It comes down to an understand of what muscles exactly are your “pelvic muscles” and finding a routine that suits you. “A way to identify the muscles used for pelvic floor exercises is to tighten the muscles around your back passage (as when holding back wind or at the end of a bowel movement). Because they are part of the same muscle group, the muscles around the back passage always work with the muscles located around the bladder opening”, said Kimberley.

She also recommends doing the exercises three times a day before you eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner to get in a routine and make it a natural part of your day.

Poise have shared the below Pilates class video with the Starts at 60 community to help them better understand and be comfortable with the issues around incontinence and to help you find a solution.

So take a look and tell us, do you do pelvic floor exercises every day? 




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  1. Ok then Martin Bovell tell us your in continence story ….

  2. well it just so happens i come from a long lineage of people that could quite easily be the forebears of all who suffer this terrible affliction. It was great great uncle Jebediah Scrotum Bovell that was at the forefront with incontinence pads, it was he who 1st tore up saturdays Argus into neat strips and placing them inside his old blue lined Y fronts to soak up any seepage, well ahead of his time was old uncle Jeb. But thru out the ages its only ever affected every 2nd generation, and the 1st and 3rd son. If you remember Maz great g/granddad had it your dad had it and me being the 2nd born i won’t get it.

    3 REPLY
    • and that my dear sister is my story of the Bovells contribution to incontinence. Stranger still is Bovells cure for irritable bowel syndrome. But thats another story and it involves some early medical practices and instruments that are mostly frowned upon in this modern age.

  3. and a footnote to the last txt Maz. The women in the family didn’t get off lightly when it came to incontinence. As you and Helen well know. And it was great great great grandma Anna Filactic Bovell who invented the Burkha to hide her embarrassment. But she would have been better going for black like the muslims wear now. Whites and bright colors could never hide the shit stains haha

  4. Incontinence appears to be a part the aging process especially for women, I am fine now and have no problems but may in years to come and I will deal with it then but to have knowledge beforehand will help. good article

  5. Been doing Pilates for ten years.

  6. Bugger, I thought I was ok but sneezing and coughing recently, has become a bit of an issue for me. I’ve always been aware of pelvic floor exercise, and to be honest I’ve never bothered with them, so article has definitely come into my life at the right time.

  7. Love it – am doing yoga and some mat work at the moment, must try these. ;0

  8. I do Pilates once a week and have doing it for few years now !!

  9. I love pilates, I feel it gives my whole body a good stretch!

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