Peter FitzSimons reveals how he became a better husband to Lisa Wilkinson

You might know him for his trademark red bandana, or because he spent some time representing in rugby union, or

You might know him for his trademark red bandana, or because he spent some time representing in rugby union, or because of the countless novels he has written, but did you know Peter FitzSimons had a battle with the bulge?

The Australian journalist and author, has written a rather revealing opinion piece for the Sydney Morning Herald detailing how he lost a quarter of his body weight and how his marriage with Today Show host Lisa Wilkinson was kicked up a notch in the process.

FitzSimons says losing the spare tyre from around his midsection was as simple (and as challenging) as giving up “the sugar and the grog”. He says the results were almost immediately noticeable that it wasn’t long before others following the same process were sending him their tales of success in emails and on social media.

“They were every bit as stunned as me how — after bloody DECADES — of getting heavier, and slower, the solution was so bloody simple,” FitzSimons writes.

It led to him writing The Great Aussie Bloke Slim-Down, but as FitzSimons writes there were other benefits to his weight loss.

“… While I have been happily married for 24 years, my marriage is not a Hallmark Greeting Card one, it is a real one,” he writes. “By my reckoning, over that time, we’ve had on average 300 pretty good days together a year, 50 fabulous days and… 15 shockers.”

FitzSimons says that broadly the ‘shockers’ were as a result of trying to juggle too many balls at once, and when that failed he would play the ‘blame game’.

“Without the grog in you, you are much less often a bad-tempered prick, and I really mean that,” FitzSimons writes.

“I have more energy for her [wife, Wilkinson] and our children, I am calmer, and when things do go wrong, as they inevitably will, I am much less likely to blow up in frustration,” he writes.

Have you ever done something that has affected your relationships in a positive or negative way? What do you think about Peter FitzSimons’ approach to weight loss? Tell us your stories in the comments.”

  1. Dianne Evans  

    Good results whole family benefits

  2. John  

    What’s with that really annoying red bandana?
    Is he trying to be a ‘commo’?

  3. Reformed  

    When it comes to grog – at least for heavy drinkers like I was – total abstinence is much easier than moderation.

  4. Guy Flavell  

    I wonder too about that childish rag he wears around his head?
    Is it holding his tiny brain in … or perhaps even disguising a nasty social disease ?
    You are overly harsh Guy … Pete’s obviously a loving husband and probably a really nice fella.

  5. Reformed  

    I too am overweight so bought The Great Aussie Bloke Slim-Down – excellent read and highly recommend.

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