New study discovers hidden household things that makes you fat

It's a battle to keep the house clean, but that might make it a battle to stay thin too.

If you ever thought doing a lot of housework and keep your house super-clean might help with weight loss, you’d be right.

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But according to a new study, it has nothing to do with all that exercise. Instead, new research from Duke University in the US says that house dust can make you fat. Yes, something else that makes us fat. This one seems pretty hard to escape though. 

According to the study, normal house dust can carry hormone-altering chemicals that prompt cells in your body to accumulate fat. The experiment found that even a small amount of dust, inhaled, ingested or even absorbed through the skin, was enough to have an effect.

The chemical in question is called EDC (endocrine-disrupting chemicals) and can be found in a number of common household items, such as flame retardants used in furniture and carpets, as well as in a substance often added to plastic to make if more flexible. They are also found in cosmetics, food packaging and household cleaning products.

Dr Christopher Kassotis, who led the research, said they were most surprised by how low the concentrations were that they saw having an effect.

The findings were published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, and said the study sought to evaluate indoor house dust extracts, and said there was a critical need to more thoroughly assess things that may contribute to our weight and other adverse human health trends.

What do you think of this research finding?