Members of a special group reaping multiple health benefits

Not only does singing make you feel good it’s also very good for you, but now it would appear that singing in a good has bigger benefits for you.

Not only do you get to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of singing, but because you are doing it with a bunch of other people you are increasing your sense of belonging and the joy of being a part of a community.

According to a recent British study, choral singers report a higher level of wellbeing than those who sing alone. Another study has found that your heartbeat synchronises with the other members of your group when you are singing together.

Honorary research fellow at the University of Western Australia, Robert Faulkner told the ABC there had been a surge in the number of community singing choirs.

Faulkner, who spent years living in Iceland where he says it is considered almost unmanly not to sing, says the turnaround in people joining community choirs has really changed in the last 20 years.

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“I believe the figures in the United States now are something like 32 million people singing in choirs, well that’s a 10th of the population,” Faulkner says.

Being part of a group is often just as important as producing a good sound, and with community choirs there aren’t restrictions about your ability to read music or even your ability to sing. Proof that there is a choir to suit everyone.

Do you like to sing? Are you a member of a community choir? How does it make you feel?