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There are three important rules for beautiful hair.

  1. Maintenance
  2. Maintenance
  3. Maintenance



Whilst we are not necessarily trying to look younger, grey and white hair is ageing. When worn long and loose it is unflattering. If you like long hair, adopt an upswept style, but not a ponytail. There are various coloured rinses available nowadays to enhance white and grey hair. You may like to use a blue tinted shampoo and conditioner such as Avon’s Radiant Silver. Straight white and grey hair can look good in a short bob, and I mean short – not too far below the earlobes. Curly white and grey hair can look great cut into a curly cap. If you choose a short, sharp geometric hairdo, try to develop a style with a definite hairline bordering your face, because white or pale grey hair around the face can give the impression of a receding hairline. If this is a problem deepen your hair tone with a colour enhancing rinse or coloured mousse which is an easy to use product and gives a reliable result. Good for overcoming that receding hairline look without effort or permanent colour.

TOP TIP: White hair looks fabulous with a good suntan.



There is a huge industry out there to assist you with hair colour, either in-salon or at home. Try using more than one tone of colour to add liveliness and to give a more natural look. My hairdresser tells me that allergy free and non-irritating colours are available. They do not contain ammonia or peroxide or other strong chemicals. She mentioned that some companies go as far as offering vegan hair colours. Seek out these products if you have allergies or sensitivity.

TOP TIP: Have some coloured or blonde tips put in your hair using the cap method. A tight fitting cap is stretched over the hair and strands of hair are drawn through holes in the cap. Hair colour is applied and never touches the scalp, so no irritation is experienced.


The best part of hair fashion and style is that our hair grows about half an inch each month, so if you’re not satisfied with your look it won’t be long before you can change it. Coloured hair needs a roots touch-up every three to four weeks.

One of the most outstanding hairdos I have ever seen was a really short cut; just a buzz cut coloured purple. The result was like beautiful purple velvet. That style shouted, maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. Luckily her daughter was the hairdresser. Be brave and have fun with a little hair colour adventure!



Short styles suit the older lady well, especially with an upward sweep at the sides. Just push up with your fingers when finishing the styling each morning. Sharp and geometric styles are super – a few soft waves worked into the style are flattering and overcome a too severe look. You will need to have a trim about every three to four weeks to maintain the short style. If you choose to keep your hair long, work out a variety of “up” styles.

  • The chignon is making a comeback I notice.
  • The French roll is always smart.
  • Coiled plaits can look distinctive.
  • Curls may just be swept up and secured with combs.


Try not to wear the same style all the time; practice different styles and look out for gadgets that help to create “up” styles. Combs, pads, clips and so on.



Don’t permanently colour and perm your hair at the same time. Two chemical processes will reduce the quality and condition of the hair to look and feel like straw. Two chemical processes at once are much too harsh. You can mix a semi-permanent colour and a perm if you’re fortunate enough not to need a permanent colour. So, straight haired women with grey or white hair must make the choice. You can have straight or permed grey or white hair, or coloured straight hair. Curly haired women with grey or white hair can choose grey or white curls or coloured curls.


What hairstyle do you have? What maintenance is involved?



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Margaret Woodberry

Since publishing her book Health & Beauty Tips for Women Aged Between 60 & 80, Margaret Woodberry has been contributing style and beauty articles to a variety of publications especially for the mature aged. There is little beauty advice to guide woman through their 60’s and 70’s – a time of dramatic changes in appearance. “We may not look young anymore, but we can still look beautiful” is Margaret’s motto. Author of "Health & Beauty Tips for Women Aged between 60 & 80"

  1. A good cut essential. I put a colour in myself every few months. I’m blest with very few grey hairs, but the colour makes the hair look more richer looking. I don’t blow wave or use hair dryers, or perms. Good shampoo and conditioner, all I use. Just style my hair a bit while it is drying.

  2. I tried using apple cider vinegar as a rinse instead of conditioner (1 cup water, 2 tablespoons ACV) and my hair has never felt softer or looked better.. it also seems to have stopped my scalp itching like mad too!

    1 REPLY
    • I do this to it is really good and keeps my hair soft and gets rid of dandruff the smell goes quick best thing I ever did for my BSL hair

  3. What old-fashioned ideas!

    1 REPLY
    • I totally agree. No one tells me I can’t keep my hair platinum blonde, long and straight, or in a ponytail! There’s not much else anyone can do with shoulder length very fine hair.
      Most people think I look a lot younger than my 61 years because of it. This saves me a fortune otherwise wasted at the hairdressers!

  4. Finding a good hairdresser is the problem. Have only found two or three in all my 63 years. Seems they do not know how cut hair that has a tendency to curl. It takes a lot of time and effort to control in a bob or sculptured style when your hair goes its own way.

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    • Me too…in my 67 yrs I had a really good one for about 10 years…I’d just walk in and she’d know exactly what to do….the whole family went to her… then after getting married she started her family and gave away hairdressing ( her own salon) I tried so many after that…. I even took in photos of the look I was after but came home with disasters and me in tears…… so for the last 10 years I’ve been cutting my own hair…. It’s shoulder length and I have a bit of a wave… I layer it and hot roller it… which hides any uneven cuts…

  5. A friend cuts my hair & every month, I colour it with Nice & Easy. Haven’t been to a salon in years .

  6. Now 66 I have upgraded the colour and it has made a difference to my facial features – listen to a quaified hairdresser they see you in a unbiased way and can offer a suitable choice for colour which is important…..not ready for grey or white as yet.

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