Life hack: How to get perfectly shaped eyebrows in three steps

As we get older, our eyebrows can look a lot different to how they did when we were younger. You may

As we get older, our eyebrows can look a lot different to how they did when we were younger.

You may have noticed little grey hairs, or perhaps they’re all grey. You mightn’t have any eyebrows anymore, or yours are much more bushy.

Either way, there’s a three step process that can help you with creating the perfect brows. Here’s how to find your best brow shape:


Then, once you’ve found your brow shape, follow these instructions:


Step 1: Place razor at base of brow and cut downwards. Shave any stray hairs along the top of the brow and around.

Step 2: Tweeze any strays or smaller hairs you can’t shave

Step 3: Fill in either with shadow or pencil, following the shape you’ve selected.

  1. Why, when this site is aimed at seniors, have you put pics of a 20 something model in the diagrams?

    • Hi Anne Mitchell it was tricky to find an image online that depicted a senior woman doing this however we have taken your feedback onboard! Thanks so much

    • Oh dear, most likely most of the women on here are over 60. Could have a real person and not an image.

    • Lyn Bradford Well if your skin and eyebrows are in any way similar to a 20 yr old then I am very jealous. Actually, I am very fortunate to have natural arched brows that need just a little colour, but my sister (80 yrs) has none and trying to “draw” some on her is always difficult, if not disastrous. Her skin does not “stay still” as a younger woman’s would so there is a difference in how the procedure is done.

    • Eyebrow tattooing is all the rage.
      When grandad had a heart attack granny came home with us…she was in her 80s then…I saud Ill run you a nice bath, I knew she liked that.She freaked out…no I cant…I was puzzled so I asked why not..lshe said I havent got my eyebrow pencil and sure enough then I realized she drew them on every day…if she washed her face they were gone…lol…
      But me no I have been blessed with lots of hair but truly some ladies have some nice permanent natural looking brows tattooed on…about $400 investment.

    • I think those instructions & tools to use would be even more helpful to an older woman who needs a bit of refining & shaping.

    • Suźanne Kader Yes, I actually am related to one of the brow tattooing consultants and have seen first hand the results. No pain at all and they look so natural. They are not the same as the usual tattoo, it is an art in itself. If anyone is interested send me a message and I can tell you more.

    • Lyn Bradford Maybe, for some. My sister and actually two close friends have a lot of trouble because their skin around their eyes and brows is very crepey and the drawn on eyebrows end up all wobbly.

    • I don’t want to put a downer on your eyebrow parade BUT we are NOT paying for any these articles, we get them all for free and most of the time they are pretty spot on

    • Suźanne Kader I would love my eyebrows tattooed on, my son is a tattoo artist, so would cost me nothing. Maybe when he’s here next time I may take the plunge !

    • Lyn Bradford why then do they have non existent in the headline. I was hoping to find a way to fill in my gaps and draw in the ends that are non existent.

  2. I just recently bought a new eyebrow pencil with small sponge on the end that you dip into powder and colour eyebrows so much easier than pencil got it fron Priceline

  3. Being able to see without your glasses would be a great help in getting the pencil in the right place!!!!

    • I bought a pair of glasses where the lens folds down. So you can fold down one side whilst doing that eye but still look through the lens with the other eye. Then you put that side up and repeat with the other side eye.

    • Hi Ruth, my daughter sent away for a pair of those for me a while back but unfortunately my sight must be incompatible with the magnifying glass lenses, I still can’t see well enough to know what I am doing, but I’m impressed that they work for you.

  4. I wish mine would thin out. They are thick and bushy and have to be plucked at least twice a week.

  5. At this time in life, I am free of what is perfectly shaped eyebrows etc, lucky my natural shape is adequate though, what will be will be people, let it go

  6. Much easier to have them waxed & tinted or tattooed if thinning.

  7. Judy  

    I have trouble doing anything with my eyebrows because I can’t see them without glasses on and can’t access them with my glasses on. Does anyone else have this problem? I agree an age appropriate model should be used but I would also like the photo’s much larger.

  8. Thank you David James and Lyn for giving us all a laugh :)😂😂😂

  9. try taking your glasses off and do this….hahahaha it doesn’t work, oh yes it does I have got any eyebrows now…oh well I will just have them tattooed on 🙂

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